Borderlands 3 game of thrones rare spawn

Anyone else having issues with the rare spawn mother gorgans the game of thrones easter egg in the anvil map for xbox 1

Can’t say that i do, what issues do you have with it?

I killed her about 200 times now for a deathless, I got exactly one, but about 120 other artifacts that I mostly sent to random people because of no back pack space.

You need to open that white chest in front and then walk left from it to the ammo chest, then she spawns. She’s also very tough if you are not prepared and uses a rocket launcher with random element on each spawn.

I also guess you need to be in Mayhem or TVHM for her, she at least don’t drop any Artifacts else, but who knows, perhaps she and her three dragons also don’t not spawn else.

I first killed her with a Tsunami, then switched to a Butcher, but the fastest way now is with the Trevonator (rad/fire). I guess she will die some hundred times more today, till she drops a better deathless. :grin:

That person never spawns for me I haven’t even had a mission pop up for it idk what’s wrong I go to the area where its located at and nothing happens

Make sure you’re connected to internet so you have the hotfix applied. if she doesn’t spawn, try entering the tunnel beneath the entrence then go back out. alternatively, go slowly up to the white chest in the middle and stand there for a few seconds.

Or you know… let her jump down and stab her once with a melee attack.

I’m under her before she drops and she dies 5 seconds later, I once even killed her in the air and only her dead corpse and an artifact touched the ground below. :grin: