Borderlands 3 Gear Tracker 2.0

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with shiney loot but can never remember what you have or which character has it?

Well look no further, the Borderlands 3 Gear Tracker is here to help!

After a long hiatus, I’ve come back to this little project and updated it to version 2.0. This new version is more streamlined, tracks ALL your loot in one tab. Drop downs automatically adjust for optimized data entry. Track as much loot as you can get your grubby little hands on!

I made a ‘how to’ on the overview page to get you started and put some sample items in so you can see what can be done but for the most part it is pretty easy to understand (I hope).

You are welcome to share any suggestions to make it better. If you find a bug or missing list item please let me know. My goal is to update the template so that you can just copy/paste the values into the new version.

Also, while nothing on the spreadsheet is locked I would advise against changing too much or adding new formulas if you aren’t experienced with MS Excel.

EDIT: Updated new version with some stuff on 11/24/2020.


Just a small update. For anyone that may have downloaded in the last few days I’ve been updating regularly after finding bugs. The current version is pretty well tested, and I added a highlighter feature on the front page. If you’ve been using the tracker up to this point, just copy/paste the values into the new file. I have it to a point now where I don’t think I will be updating it much more unless I find some major bug/error or I decide to make v3.

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So something like this?

Kept upto date normally within the same day or so as dlc is released

No that’s the community loot tracker. It just tracks the names of items, where to find them, etc.

My tracker tracks all YOUR gear. As in all the stuff in your vault and all the stuff on each of your characters. I have 3 more characters to enter, and I’m around 650 entries. 190 of which are artifacts (which will be way more after I enter the others).

Ah ok also sorry for being a ■■■■ that felt rude guess I’m still in a meh place with bl3 sorry

Iz coo

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Just so I don’t have to update it 100 times during the Blood Harvest, here are the steps to add a new anointment.

  1. Open the OVERVIEW tab.
  2. Scroll down to the anointment list (or whatever list you want to update).
  3. Right click anywhere but the first or last items on the list, then do INSERT and SHIFT CELLS DOWN.
  4. Type in the anointment text however you want. It is now available in the drop down.

I’ll be updating the tracker at some point over Blood Harvest to add new anointments as well. Just need to find them all!

Updated 11/24/2020 with new anoints and some new features.

man this is going to be so helpful once i fill my bank with 400 different class mods lol

Thanks so much for this :smiley:

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