Borderlands 3... gearbox why?

. I’m not to sure why they are so concerned with nerfing weapons at the moment when there are way more important things that should be addressed. At this point they are forcing people in what to use. You shouldn’t nerf abilities if people have found away to combo shields and items to make it more useful. And gearbox last time I checked this is a pve based game. So balancing imo shouldn’t even be a factor. I understand fixing exploits and broken items in the game. But nerfing guns by a quarter/ or half… some cases 70 percent is just absolutely stupid. Also, if you haven’t caught on the reason why people are all playing offline is bc they prefer your game at initial release… minus a few bugs here and there and never getting a legendary class mod to drop. But other than that not very many pros to playing online at the moment. Not everyone has the time to grind to keep switching guns and builds to fit your ridiculous hot fixes. Nerfing legendaries makes no since anyway bc there are literally epic guns that are the same if not better. So gearbox you might as well just nerf em all. Also vault space is just a meme at this point. We have over a billion guns but wait there’s more… you can store 50 of them and carry 40 in your backpack. I’m Pretty certain the community was not complaining about how awesome the guns were that you nerfed. But yes let’s continue to ignore the community. Thanks!

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