Borderlands 3 Germany DLC 2 Problem

I own the season pass and downloaded all DLCs. Played the 1st one so far.
Some weeks ago I started to join a friend in some missions from the 2nd DLC and now I’m not able to play the whole any mission of the 2nd DLC on my own. There are no travel points either, even if I already passed them in coop with my friend.
So how I am able to enjoy the 2nd DLC?
I just can walk through one area and kill random mobs, that’s all. No story, no missions.
Does anybody know how to handle that issue without creating a new character, or changing in TWHM?

Progress on any character is retained through both solo and co-op play - the whole game (as well as all previous games) have worked that way.

The travel points you should be able to restore to your list by rediscovering those locations for yourself: from Sanctuary, use the bridge console to navigate to Xylourgos which should then add the very first drop pod location, and go from there.

If you want to play the entire DLC solo, you’re best option is to start it on a different character. Note that you can start a brand new ‘boosted’ character at level 13 for this purpose - there should be an option to do this for each DLC you own.