Borderlands 3 [Guardian Rank Bug]

Hi I’m a usual player of the known franchise (Borderlands) and have been able to play every single game myself and DLC included.

I have came across a bug where the Guardian Rank glitches
out and makes all of the number for adding a point into the Negative range.

(Example) Guardian Rank Tokens -17

And the only way to make it normal again is to Earn all the levels again and personally that is quite hard since I’m Guardian Rank (122) and have to earn -49 Tokens back

Hopefully I’m not the only one

Edit: I’m now Rank 215 with -80 tokens

Edit2: I’m now Rank 300 with -100 tokens

Edit3: it has now been resolved but unfortunately I have lost over 100 levels :sweat_smile:


I’ve just had this as well and I’ve just completed the game on true vault hunter mode before I completed it my guardian rank was 32 when I completed it I ended up having an extra 30 tokens on top which made me 62 I’ve done one mission now my rank is -27

I had this happen as well. Mine was only -8 but i had to work through all them levels to get positive again. Not sure what caused this. It was fine last night then i log on this morning and notice that.

Got the same prob… Do you still have it?

I am at -47 guardian rank and what I have noticed is that the negative guardian ranks will disappear if you disconnect from the internet. If you do this and level up your guardian rank it will add more negative guardian ranks when you reconnect. I have fought mine down from -18 when it reached 0 it gave me extra tokens on top of the 18 but now I a having to fight it down from -49. In my mind I am thinking this is some sort of way to combat the various exploits that can be found. Example I earned my first negative guardian ranks when I farmed Graveward with the porcelain pipe bomb. I believe the game detected my sudden influx of guardian levels and assumed I was cheating thus giving me the -18 guardian rank when in reality I was just farming for legendaries. But this is just what I think.

Hi Dear Gearbox tech support,

My guardian rank on xbox its stuck and its appear negative -25 ! Im not alone all my friends on xbox have the same problem. Can you please fix it ASAP please.

Tanks in advance

Regadless Jonathan F

same here now iam at negative -31 and pointless to play every time i level up it goes right back to -31

im sitting at -37 after playing online with my brother last night on TVHM. Loaded my guy today and bam -37 tokens i dont understand this stuff.

Hey guys. Hope someone is having the same issue as I am. So today I loaded up my game on Xbox and it said my save was corrupt. Granted, I have not done any kind of glitch whatsoever. I have 2 and a half days worth of play time on my Siren. Once I loaded into the game, I noticed my Guardian Rank wasn’t negative anymore…but all of my guardian rank perks were gone. Only have 1 token. All of my items in the bank are gone, I have no golden keys, and my bank/lost loot SDU were the only ones that required me to repurchase them at Marcus’. What happened to my save file? Can I get this fixed? This is extremely demoralizing after all the hours I’ve put into this game!
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Yup it’s unfortunate

Oh and all of my cosmetics are gone. I’m just devastated :disappointed_relieved:

My internet went down during a big storm, but i kept playing and progressed upwards of 50 guardian rank. When i went to check the next day i was at negative 64 guardian rank. And I’m starting to feel like i can’t progress much with the ranks anymore unless im offline

Getting the same issue now. I have not played offline once. I was using Mayhem modes to farm for loot before restarting in TVHM. Joined friends to help them in a game and when I got DC’ed I came back to find I am now at -15 Guardian Rank, started at like -41, been trying to beat it back down. I haven’t used the porcelain bomb or any exploits, just grinding hard.

It seems strange. I first got 11 free tokens, then i was set back to -11, leveled up ranks to 0. I then gained them normally, then all of the sudden i had 23 tokens to spend, the low and behold i was -23. I earned all those levels back again. Just yesterday I recieved 53 tokens, and now -53. Ive only tried offline a few times, but had gaindd no where near 53 tokens, nor the 23, but it seems its like a loan. We give you tokens and now you earn them back.

I was just checking out the 9/26/2019 patch notes and they seemed to have addressed the problem. " * Addressed a reported issue where Guardian Rank had the potential to become non-functional and/or the player could potentially lose Guardian Rank tokens into the negatives". I have yet to experience the negative guardian rank since.

I have a similiar problem where i conplete the bar but am rewarded with no tokens or rank its been like this since last night