Borderlands 3 hard crashes

Hi , my problem is with the game crashing while fighting Rampager in the Forgotten Basilica.
After one phase is over and the boss starts to beeing invincible and uses his white beam attack and then the game hung up, every time. Playing at mayhem 10, epic store version of the game. Now im stuck becouse it’s a new playthrough ( reset story in option ). Verified game filies, up to date game including all available dlcs , up to date windows and drivers. While the game hung up , alt ctrl del is not responding , hard reset of pc is required. Help please.

PS. Found the solution , just dissable mayhem mode entirely

Reacting on your PS. I do not think it’s a solution. I experienced this too a few times, and I think this should not happen on any Mayhem levels. Devs probably know of this already as it has been mentioned in a few posts about hard crashes. Anyways if you have a 2nd monitor (if you run the game on only one of them) you can use the Task Manager to close the game there without resetting the PC.

Ofcourse this is not a proper solution, but it worked and i could move on with the story. Another interesting crash occurs in the eden 6 map , just in the entrance to the anvil, there is a cave with t-rex like monster coming out from it , now while playing operative and he’s out , when i use any of zeins skills the game always crashing. And I had this problem from the premiere and it still persist.