Borderlands 3 has gone gold!

Gearbox announced via Social Media (I saw it on Facebook) that Borderlands 3 has officially gone GOLD. This means that there is now a fully functional version of Borderlands 3 that will go into production. Sure, we will still have our fair share of patches over the course of Borderlands 3’s lifespan, but Borderlands 3 has reached an important milestone.

Here is a Gamespot article reporting on this as well.


Rejoice brothers and sisters, for the time of mayhem is nearly upon us.

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Time flies. And it’s great to hear that it’s 6 weeks before release. 2k has a really strong network for publishing, which is why most of their games go gold only 4 weeks beforehand as that’s usually enough. Borderlands 3 seems to get that tiny bit of extra attention it deserves. Also, God knows how many copies they plan to ship. Those will be millions upon millions of discs.

The only important milestone is the one where I’m downloading it so I can proceed to play it.


I get it, but try to think of it that way: Now that the game is finished, we can pretty much count on the release date and that there won’t be any delays. Often enough a game gets delayed a month or 2 before release, but here we can count on the game being released as planned, i.e. you can count on the day you’ll be able to download it.

best news ive heard all day.

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It feels strange to me how - like it was yesterday - I was loosing my mind over the Mask of Mayhem trailer and now the game has gone gold. It feels like the last 1000 meters of a marathon, a last test of patience after a long wait.

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The hype is real!!

This…this is accurate in every way.

Is there any pc requirements for the game?

Official Minimum spec? Not yet, that I’m aware of.

We should probably hear something soon, though.

I was wondering as well. I won’t play it on PC until the Steam release, but I wanted to plan ahead to assemble a new rig and have it ready when BL3 launches on Steam. I still can’t find anything official about the requirements though and speculation online ranges from “my PC from mid-2012 can run this EASILY” to “let’s have a super computer handle it”. It’s funny to see, but holds no informational value.

If I find anything official, I will post it here.

I actually built a PC with the newest AMD Ryzen 5 and Radeon 5700 just because randy said the 5700 would do crazy stuff with the lights

How much did it cost? I am aiming at around 1000€ which is basically all I can afford to save up until next year.

Lemme grab my lunch and go back to my receipts. Which parts need to come in under that number? I did a whole new box because…it’s my first build

In US dollars
Gpu: Radeon Rx5700 was $350.
Cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x was $239
Motherboard: now, I made a big whoopsie and grabbed last year’s board and had a huge headache updating it to run this years cpu. But I got an ASUS ROG Strix x470 f for $185

That’s 774 us dollars before Case/RAM/Power supply/Hard Drive. I’m not gonna count those because I got the Power Supply refurbished, the RAM on on sale, the Hard drives on sale, and a ridiculous case that was probably unnecessary. So, those costs will be more up to your taste and hunting.

Thanks for listing all that. I will be able to save some money myself as I get my RAM much cheaper from a friend that doesn’t need it anymore and the HDD will be reused from my old PC (I’ll use a SSD for the system though). It should be possible to build something similar for roughly 1000€ (the euro is around 5-10% more “valuable” than the dollar, although PC parts are usually a bit more expensive where I live).

The funny thing is that I’m mostly a console player, but wanted to get a new PC anyway, so I decided to build a machine around Borderlands 3’s requirements (on HD resolution). Sounds crazy I know, but building around the game I will probably play the most isn’t that bad of an idea. At least in my head^^

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Oh, awesome! Idk if it’ll matter for making the HD work better, but the xt version of the GPU is…500? Maybe? Idk, it seemed like an unnecessary upgrade since I run 1080p. And I’m also building around BL3…I don’t really play games, but I got obsessed with the idea of building a computer for my music making and BL3 soooo I worked a whole month of double shifts. It runs BL 2 poorly, one remastered great, and games from Xbox Game Pass for pc good.

Now would be a really good time for them to release those specs - the game, being gold, is essentially ready to go and we all have time (if not money) to make any upgrades to PCs that might be required.

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Hey everybody, so. I have Xbox Game Pass for PC and on it is a game called Crackdown 3. It runs on Unreal 4 and came out this February. Now. I’m not saying it’s an absolute thing, but a lot of the effect and visual assets look close to what BL3 is promising. Idk if that helps anyone, but I figure any solid starting point is nice.