Borderlands 3 health locked

i was playing borderlands 3 since the release i alredy finished the game, so i was playing and i notice that my health bar get stucked in 1 hp, and i can’t make the health to regen, no matter what i do, please somebody help !!! this need a fix

i was playing whit MOSE following the green and blue skill tree

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I believe another use said they had this, and they found it to be a side effect of a relic or something.

I’ll see if I can find it.

well thanx for the info!! wen a arive at home i will check my relics, but this is sad cus gearbox took almost 7 years to develop the game, i know they cant prevent this things and its normal but they apear to NOT ginving any atention to their customer and fans,

thanx again bro!!!

They are, they put a response out on twitter but they’re limited in what they can say for the time being.

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yep let’s just wait and see whats coming

If your class mod/skill is unlocked in the red tree…(thin red line?) it RESERVES MAX HP, and adds it to your shields. my wife is running a moze build w/ over max points in this skill, she’s stuck at max 1 HP, skill working as intended (she has 100% reserved at the moment thanks to a class mod)

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ok but i did not used the red skill tree bro, just have put 1 point in the ability that gaves the iron bear a shield never passed this, yesterday i spent my whole nitgth just trying to remove this bug from my character and din’t have any result

This seems to be the relic in question.


Huh, interesting. Can you post screenshots of your equipped gear and skills?

oooh now i get it, but i realy dont remeber havinig this relic !! and even equip it, but this migth be the problem i hope i can fix this, cus my MOSE is in lvl 43 and i have done a Lot of secondary missions

sure, wen i arrive at home i’ll put here for you to guys have a look.

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Yup I had the exact same issue with that relic. Gotta find a different one it was good but I rely on health regen instead of my shield.

My health is stuck as well.

The skill that reserves health?

If you go into skills and look at the selfless vengeance skill it takes a percent of heath away

Yeah my health is locked aswell any suggest to help me I was also playing Moze

Hi im level a 44 and my health has gone down to 5,6k was at least 8k I’ve take all relics and shields off but it don’t seem to go to normal can someone help me

I found out that it was an orange shield, I had to take the shield out and not put it in me EVER AGAIN,… ok that sounded a bit wrong, but it was the shield that was making my health go to half. I HAD TO CHANGE IT.

Ah Front Loader. Reserves 60% health for 60% bonus shield.

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My character Amara health bar is stuck on 1 for some reason please help