Borderlands 3: Helter Skelter Balance

Why does it seem like in every game, the lead of balance has a bias against certain characters, and an overall folly concept of the endgame? Do they even play the game?

Right now, I only main one character (Moze), but I’ve looked at the skill tree planner of every other character, and I’ve seen various gameplay of them.

My personal ranking is, from weakest to overall best:

  1. Zane.
  2. Amara.
  3. Moze.
  4. FL4K.

Mind you, it’d be boring if ever character was perfectly balanced, as they should all shine in their own way; cause diversity.

Moze specializes in CC, and survival. FL4K specializes in killing everything. The other two specialize in dying, etc.

The FIRST POINT here is - Gearbox is trying to encourage build diversity… by nerfing our playstyle(s) to oblivion, almost as if they think that every playstyle is viable in every scenario. Hmm.

Granted, nerfing overpowered kits are necessary, of course.

However, the real problem lies in FL4K continuing to receive overall buffs, while the other characters continue to suffer – mostly.

Every action skill is more or less useless, except FL4K’s invisibility phase.

I only ever jump into the Iron Bear to remove a DoT.

Otherwise, they all suck, even with anointed gear, and most class mods.

The problem here is - if they scale our action skills to at least somewhat match Mayhem Mode 3, then we’ll all be overpowered in every other mode.

So, my suggestion here would be having separate scaling for our action skills in normal mode (not terrible, might need a slight buff), TVHM, and Mayhem Mode 3.

That’s the best solution that I can think of, instead of nerfing or buffing things in every mode.

The SECOND POINT here is - Gearbox doesn’t realize that we don’t have any endgame at the moment. So, they keep mistakenly nerfing legendary drop rates.

We need something to do while we wait for the Halloween Event, and most importantly, the raid boss.

People are going to be bored whether they have everything or not, but at least they’ll be satisfied. Nerfing legendary drop rates just annoys people, especially with all of the specific world drops, it just gets boring grinding so hard after awhile.

To the point where people are exploiting the game, and most people would rather play the game offline. Players should be rewarded for beating the game, and playing on the second playthrough on the hardest difficulty, not punished.

Honestly, I haven’t noticed anything rewarding from playing on TVHM on Mayhem Mode 3, and not only is it harder (from enemies having more resistance to the elements), your luck/loot quality/legendary drop chance (what have you), seems worse.

I farmed for days trying for the Grave artifact on the above, and once I switched to normal mode on Mayhem Mode 3, I started consistently getting the drop. That’s just an example.

My suggestion here would be giving Tyreen a higher chance to drop more legendaries, and giving the chests in her vault a higher chance to drop legendaries. Lastly, make her harder to encourage online teamwork.

Because let’s be real here - we should all be farming Tyreen right now (the endgame boss), not farming Loot Tinks offline or killing Graveward in under a minute.

Sorry, long post.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope that this can be seen as constructive criticism.