Borderlands 3 Hits Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 on Launch Day

Borderlands 3 is ready for the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles.

When the next-gen consoles arrive in just a few short weeks, the award-winning mayhem of Borderlands 3 will be there on day one. We’re proud to confirm that next-gen Borderlands 3 will be available day-and-date alongside the new consoles, playable at launch on the Xbox Series X / Series S on November 10 and the PlayStation 5 when it launches on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, and November 19 in the rest of the world.

If Borderlands 3 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will be your introduction to Pandora and the planets beyond, welcome to the party! Borderlands 3 has you blasting through multiple worlds as one of four Vault Hunters—the ultimate treasure-seeking badasses, each with deep skill trees, abilities, and customization. Play solo or join with friends to take on deranged enemies, score loads of loot, and save your home from the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy, then continue your adventures across an unforgettable trove of DLC campaigns and add-ons.

To quickly recap the Borderlands 3 PAX Online announcements, the next-gen consoles bring a new level of graphical fidelity to the Borderlands universe, and Borderlands 3 is fully optimized to take advantage of their processing power. Xbox Series X and PS5 will display Borderlands 3 at 60fps in 4K resolution during single-player and online co-op, and the next-gen consoles will support three- and four-player splitscreen for local multiplayer.

Vertical splitscreen for two-player local co-op is available from the get-go on next-gen consoles, and will also be added to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions via a free update. If you’re stuck inside this holiday season, why not introduce your loved ones to a little couch co-op mayhem in the Borderlands?

“Borderlands is a ground-breaking, record-setting, critically acclaimed franchise where millions upon millions of gamers have experienced one-of-a-kind gameplay, mayhem, and fun across multiple generations of gaming technology,” says Randy Pitchford, Executive Producer and Founder of Gearbox Entertainment. “With Borderlands 3 continuing to grow and launching this November on next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, there has never been a better time to jump in and join the fun.”

Existing owners of Borderlands 3 on current-gen platforms can easily transition to the next-gen versions within the same console family. If you own Borderlands 3 on Xbox One, you’ll be able to play the Xbox Series X/S version, and if you own the game on PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to play the PlayStation 5 version. Please note that if you own a physical disc of Borderlands 3, you will need the Xbox Series X or standard PlayStation 5 console models that include a disc drive to take advantage of this feature. Your add-on content and save files can be ported to next-gen consoles within the same family so you can jump straight back into the action.

We’ll have plenty more exciting news to share during a special episode of The Borderlands Show premiering October 29 at 9:00 AM PT over on the Borderlands Twitch channel. Until then, get ready to experience mayhem like never before with Borderlands 3 as a launch title for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.


So will the patch for vertical split on previous gen consoles, as well as the new game mode + 4th skill trees, be available by November 12-19th as well? Or will those come at a later date?


Nice, I hope to see good presentation how BL3 works on new consoles with that patch.

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You’re welcome future next gen console owners for letting us current gen console owners beta test this program for you the past year. Hopefully most of the issues are fixed for you as some of us are still waiting, it’s only been over a year though so guess I gotta give it time.

**On a side note anyone else notice in the announcement that there is no UI or text in the splitscreen picture, hmmm…wonder why that is?


Finally we are having a playable resolution mode on Playstation in Borderlands 3. But instead of having it optimized for PS4 PRO, we just had to wait for the next generation of consoles to make it a reality. Smart move, Gearbox!

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If I have the disc based version and not digital, will my game and season pass work on the new Xbox (provided I get the version with the disc drive) or will I have to repurchase?

Everything will work.

Well, with all of the bugs left in the current version of BL3, GBX took away any chance of me loading it on the PS5 I plan to aqcuire.

Other games will be transferred over, but this one will not make the cut.
And it has everything to do with how GBX handled this game.
I was happy with it and them at launch. But over time bad decisions and things being left to rot and fester have shown the true side of GBX and it is not good.


Earlier than expected but cool news nonetheless, good to know it’ll be ready by the time I upgrade to next gen.

Imagine getting a PS5 and playing borderlands 3 on it instead of demon’s souls.


Sadly I won’t have a ps5 on release since Sony fu**ed up the pre-order so hard. But good for the game…

Haha I’ll correct that for you ‘imagine being able to secure a ps5 in time for demons souls’


almost, ALMOST camped one of these websites that were selling the bundles for $800 and had to stop myself haha

Yea, while I would like to upgrade my ps4, I’ve decided just to wait until it’s not insane to get a ps5. Luckily I have a pretty nice pc so I’m not really in a rush. But I do want to play demon souls pretty badly lol