Borderlands 3 -Horrible experience so far

Playing this game on PS4 that I have been wanting to play ever since the announcement. I have been having NOTHING BUT ISSUES! First of all, could sanctuary be any more of a maze?! And half the time I can’t open my map to figure out how to navigate the stupid ship. Add to that during gameplay, enemies randomly spawn right in front of me and there’s tons of skipping and pausing. But here is the worst part… I am now stuck on Sanctuary. I can’t fast travel ANYWHERE. Only sanctuary is on the list. I’m ready to snap the stupid disc in half and never give gearbox another dollar. This is brutal…

Had the same issue with navigating Sanctuary. Its only so big, you’ll figure it out. Lag and stuttering can be an issue, but it could be your fault & their fault. You cant fast travel because you just fled Pandora. Keep going through the story missions. Lastly enemies have spawn points, look for doors and try to use your minimap to anticipate their spawn.

Yes. Yes, it could. The layout isn’t great, but it’s not terribly difficult to learn.

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The diamond is on the fast travel and it’s telling me to go to Meridian but meridian is not in the fast travel list, only Sanctuary. I’ve used the fast travel a few times for other missions. This is the first time I’m trapped.

You likely need to go see Ellie and use the Drop pod

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Ahh, go to the storage area. (where earl is). Look for a room with Ellie. You need to use the drop pod in that room.

Sounds like he needs to navigate to Meridian still from the bridge.

@paulmackie1974 if you haven’t yet you will need to go up to the bridge to a control panel and you will be able to navigate the ship to a new area. Then like others are saying, you go down to where Ellie is and use the drop pod.

I dont really understand that cause the diamond it telling me to use the fast travel station…

As you open up other planets the diamond will always be on the fast travel station to point out that your mission objective is in another place/world. The first time you visit a new planet though you have to use the drop pod. After going down on the pod then you won’t have to use it again until the next planet.

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If that’s the case, then whomever designed this aspect of the game should never be allowed to design again. Having to google it or join this site In order to be able to progress in a game is absolutely idiotic.

It’s easy to be hyper critical when we are frustrated, sorry.

Pretty sure I’ve ALWAYS heard Lilith tell me (the vault hunter) to”take us to ‘x’ planet.” At that point the diamond that we learn to follow in our very first Claptrap encounter is located on the bridge keyboard. That’s also why you have to always go to the bridge to talk with Lilith. This is the way you “jump” to a new planet or new location.

Once you & Ellie launch the drop pod you can go back using any fast travel system or simply open the map and navigate back/up

Edit: I’d suggest turning on the closed captioning, I find it easier to read the info than try and hear it. Hope this helps a tiny bit to improve your time aboard Sanctuary III

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I can understand the frustration but Ellie or Lilith does tell you to use the drop pod to go down to the planet.

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Just remember, you’re never out gunned when armed with knowledge.

Thank you!

Help I’ve been playing a game for 5 hours and don’t know it inside out!

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Perhaps it could come off a little mean. However it made me laugh.

They changed a game mechanic from 2 to 3 with no clues that they did. No need to be a dick about it.

You will get used to it and on the bright side you know where to come for answers if you have any more problems. Most of this community is very helpful and understanding.

I appreciate it

We’re all different. For instance, I had the exact same note as you regarding Sanctuary III when I first started the game but I, realising mastery wouldn’t come in a few hours, kept my stupid thoughts to myself. You have no clue how raged I got when I couldn’t find Marcus. But those were early autumnul days. I don’t understand this ‘no opinion unless you agree with me’ sycophantic world we live in at the moment.