Borderlands 3: Host Options

(Hitman01232) #1

I would like to see so called host options in Borderlands 3. First things first I when I play any Borderlands game I usually like playing with other people but my problem is I don’t know who they are. They could be nice guys, people who just want to ruin the day, people who only care about fighting the bosses for loot, people who just speed run the game, etc. I find that frustrating so my idea is that for the Third Borderlands you have host options.

Here is some examples. For settings in the options.

  • Only the host can activate Story Mission quest, this would solve the problem of players doing story missions when the host isn’t near those objectives.

  • Only the host could use fast travel or travel gates, I get real sick and tired of the pop up “a player has initiated travel” when im trying to accomplish some side missions but I’m constantly hitting the inventory button to prevent travel.

  • Only players who are near your level may join the game, I find it irritating when someone who’s fifty levels above joins the game in hosting, so then I have to waste time to kick them out and they’ll just keep showing up again wasting time.

That is just three examples of what I would like to see but I know some of you out here are going to state arguments saying that this is to only benefit me but I’m sure some people out there face these struggles as well so go ahead and complain but this is just my opinion.

(Is this thing on?) #2

This seriously has to be a thing.

It might be nice to have that as an on/off option in a menu. If it’s a fixed spread, it would make power-levelling impossible. And while I have no time for people who want to be power-levelled before they’ve even completed a single play-through with a character, there are times when it’s nice to be able to do (eg mule characters).

(Geonessary) #3

I do want one limitation put on hosts, kicking players. I despise joining someone and fighting a big boss, just to be kicked out right before defeating it. Maybe make it so the team has to vote on it and majority wins. 2/3, 3/4, if it’s just 2 players than the host can kick. Also/and/or disable kicking during and for 5 minutes after a boss fight.

I don’t take any loot when I join someone’s game until they’ve looked through it, but I know not everyone is so considerate. Maybe give the host the ability to grant looting permissions. So they can say players can loot legendaries or they can’t until after the host has looked at it. That’d help hosts feel more hospitable instead of hostile.

Or!!! If a Character tries to pick up a legendary, a message pops up to the host that shows the Legendary Stat Card, then the host says yes they can have it, or no they want it. Same could be done with missions, a guest can go talk to a mission giver, then the host accepts it or doesn’t. They can also just do a general “Allow All Guests to Pick Up New Missions” and “Allow All Guests to Pick up Legendaries”

(Master of Eeveelution) #4

Yes! But not just story missions, all missions. Don’t you hate it when someone accepts a mission you wanted to leave for a higher level, or completes a mission you wanted to leave active? GRR!

Yep again. This drives me mad, I kick a lot of people just for this, I don’t know why someone would think that they can just join my game and then dictate where we’re going? No, host your own game if you want to travel at will.

I believe this was already implemented in BL2 and TPS, you can only join games with people I think two levels above or below you. But changing character on load in is the problem, someone could join an OP8 game then load in their level 30 character and expect to be carried and leveled. That annoys me greatly.

I disagree, the host should always have discretion. If someone with a glitched BAR or illegitimate gear comes into my game I kick them immediately, I wouldn’t want that taken away from me and have to quit/restart every time one of those players appeared. I can understand your annoyance at being kicked after killing a boss, so how about do what they’ve done in Diablo III and have individual loot drops instead of shared loot? If a boss drops a legendary, every player gets one, they may have different stats but you all get the same basic item. That seems far simpler than disallowing the host from kicking, or having time limits on kicks after boss fights. What about the players who actually do beeline the legendary drops in other players’ games? That’s what the hosts in that scenario are trying to prevent, individual drops would help with that too. Another problematic scenario would be someone going AFK to milk XP, the other player/s either don’t vote to kick them for whatever reason or do the same. Now you have to play on 4P difficulty alone or quit and restart.

I mostly agree with this post, I think the host should have control over all in-game interaction, other players are merely there to tag along and kill things. Individual loot would even give players more incentive to join other games, increased drop chances with the guarantee that if there is a drop everyone gets one? Party up!

(Geonessary) #5

I don’t like individual drop, but I think most people would really like that. It just muddies up loot to me. If 4 players kill the Guardian, and each player gets a Confrence Call, or even 2, it just takes away from the overall feel for me.

If a player is AFK, then it should be easy to detect, and that would allow for any player to kick maybe. Maybe have it so the Host has a minute from when a new player joins that they can just kick them with out having to vote.

(Master of Eeveelution) #6

The drop chances would still be the same, but there’d be no fighting over who gets it, or who needs it more. Everybody wins, especially if you want a certain element, there’s a chance that one of the other players will get it if you don’t and then you can trade.

I think that’s just over-complicating things. The obvious solution to not wanting to get kicked is to host your own game. What’s the point of even being host if you don’t have discretion over who can play in your lobby, or what they can/can’t do? The whole reason I host is so I can make those decisions at will.

(Geonessary) #7

Minecraft has way more host options than that and children play it. I think a rated M game crowd should be just fine with two or three extra options. I usually have at least 2 or 3 friends I can play with, but I won’t join randoms games anymore because I get kicked anytime there’s a loot filled area or boss. All my friends say the same thing.

Even at the same drop rate, you still have the chance of multiple players getting the same items, because it’s dictated by the individual instead of the party. I feel like they may choose to go this route, which I dread, but I also know that it would solve bigger problems than a few complaints.

(Matrixneo42) #8

Instanced loot would fix tons of problems. Enemies dropping stuff would drop it for each player in the game (either the same stuff, or other random stuff at the same rarity level). Pretty much every loot game does this now.

Players could still drop stuff for each other.

(Matrixneo42) #9

It would be cooler if it was just different items at the same rarity. Then it’s “ooooh, what did you get?”

(Is this thing on?) #10

It could be a bit like the loot drops in Battleborn. You would see and pick up a container, but you have to access it in your inventory to find out what you actually got. The loot roll could be done only when the container was opened in your inventory.

(Matrixneo42) #11

That’s pretty much how Destiny handles it. Though I’m not sure that everyone gets an item for each item that you get.

(Geonessary) #12

I like that concept, but it erodes some of the best Borderlands aspects by eliminating farming of specific legendaries from specific enemies. They could still do it, I suppose, by making a general legendary pool that any boss or BA can drop and then specific a Legendary for each boss. Still fees muddy though. Their loot system is my favorite of any game.

(Matrixneo42) #13

Sometimes I feel that system backfires. Especially when the single location for that guy is some obscure hard to get to location. If they do it that way again I would like to see some sort of fun highly repeatable arena that can spawn any of those guys so you can try to get those drops there too. I’ve said it before on here too, that I would also prefer that legendary drops be more area specific than part of a singular person’s drop pool. Like if on Bunker’s map, anything in that map had a decent chance of dropping legendaries from Bunker’s loot pool.

I’m also a fan of the torgue tokens and torgue vendor machines because it provided a decent way to earn a legendary without as much RNG. I think that the player should be able to earn a legendary over time through predictable currency. I am not a fan of killing one single enemy a hundred times in a row. I might farm a guy like that ten times in a row and then move on. 1) it sucks for multiplayer because you are either saving/quitting/reloading, or exiting a map and reloading it, depending on what it takes to get the quest back. and 2) that starts to get dull for me. give me a BAR challenge that says, kill Bunker 20 times and I’ll do it, if I know that it somehow grants me his legendary at that point, or much higher chances from then on.

Destiny provides a variety of predictable currencies you can use to earn legendaries. I like that part of Destiny, as well as the daily quest system. (sure, some other parts of Destiny certainly bug me, but it got a lot of other stuff right)

(Geonessary) #14

I like that idea of having area specific legendaries. I think that’s an amazing idea, but I still want bosses to drop a unique legendary that can only be dropped by them. I don’t mind the trekking to farm for legendaries. They’re LEGENDARY!!! They should be a good challenge to obtain.

([-10h GMT] PS4: Raven-Ghosthawk || Perma-brow Vulcan) #15

You’re not the first to suggest these. I suggested a level bubble way back that allowed folks within a certain range*. Thinking on it, that as the default priorities for joiners:

  • Friends
  • Randoms/Level Bubble (+/- 3 levels, perhaps)
  • Randoms/Unrestricted

Any player can progress Story objectives, but only the host can activate sidequest; turning in quests would be toggled by host for whether other players can turn them in.

For travel, display autosave indicators next to each name, and all players must consent to travel.

*Original suggestion allowed host to possibly alter from default setting, but now I’m not so sure.

G2G4N. I’ll read the rest later.

(Geonessary) #16

They have a “Level bubble” now, but the problem is once you load into someone’s game you select your character again. So if I have a 60 and I have them pulled up when I’m matchmaking I will see 58-62, I believe. I can’t remember if it’s 2 or 3 levels… maybe 4?! Anyways, then I load into the game and I get to confirm my character or change it. They shouldn’t allow you to change it once your in. You should just load in as the character you matchmade as.

Edit: Thanks @Slif_One I was writing it on the go. I did indeed mean shouldn’t, haha.

(Master of Eeveelution) #17

I assume you meant shouldn’t? Lol

^ This. I hate people entering my game and loading in their low levels, now I have to play on 2P difficulty solo, no that it’s a big problem but it’s irritating to say the least. The only time I don’t mind it is for a Maya with Res who can follow me (from a safe distance, of course) and either revive me or PL enemies. Sweet Release and Elated also help. Any other time, boot.

([-10h GMT] PS4: Raven-Ghosthawk || Perma-brow Vulcan) #18

I second instancing, but also add that what “Destiny” does is a good addition – items not picked up in the field can be picked up at your home base, useful if you drop from the game for ANY reason, whether it’s a connection overload or a forcible removal.

And as has been said, players can drop loot for other players, something lacking in “Destiny”.

(Hitman01232) #19

Yeah I should’ve mentioned that the host can only active any mission objectives. I’m a completionists in the Borderlands Games so by the time I finish any of the game’s stories i only have the raid boss mission left.

(Master of Eeveelution) #20

Me too, though only on my mains haha. I get really OCD about having a clean mission log, so I’ve completed all missions with Maya and Krieg. I left all the raid bosses 'til last as well, damn OCD ticks lol everything had to be systematic >.<