Borderlands 3: Host Options

(Matrixneo42) #21

If that’s the case then I want those odds increased of him dropping from his legendary pool, OR to get a tick on my bad ass rank challenges after 5, 10, 20 and 50 kills that starts to increase that bosses drop rates/loot quality. The game should acknowledge that at some point you pretty much earned his better loot as you obviously keep stomping him. I think that would be fun. Brute force RNG farming CAN be extremely unfun.

(Matrixneo42) #22

I love that feature of Destiny. Sometimes I apparently didn’t notice a blue item or purple item sitting on the ground. Borderlands equivalents would be purple and orange items that I missed.

Remember those stories people tell about bosses dropping legendaries off of cliffs or through the floor? Yea, at least if that happened, then the game would just send it to your mailbox.

(Geonessary) #23

I like that BAR idea. Keep the drop rate at the original drop rate to keep it challenging at the beginning and then have either an overall Boss Challenge or even Specific Boss Challenege that will increase the drop rate. Unlike the other BAR, you don’t put a token in it, you only get the increase for defeating the boss or overall bosses X times. I almost like the idea of it being specific bosses more and the bonus is only applied to that enemy. Defeat Vermivirous 25 times, increase .3% better loot drop. 50 times another .3%. 5 ranks for a total of a 1.5% increase. Maybe .5% for a total of 2.5%. Or have a general Boss count that’s a higher number required that just grants a general drop increase. Defeat 100 bosses for .3%. 250 for another .3%.

I like the idea of it being specific though. Otherwise you could just farm super easy bosses and get those bonuses done quick. Which no matter what you could do by switching to a lower difficulty.

(Dmm77) #24

I play lots of local with my sons and while I have more time and yes, admittedly carried their assassin and commando through some tougher areas, they are both lvl 72 now. So the whole individual loot box mentioned in Diablo3 has actually always annoyed the hell out of me. If one of the players is constantly running around and trying not to die or contributes very little to an actual boss fight, why do they end up with something legendary and the players who fought their butts off, maybe died a few times. lost millions and millions… oh god the millions when you are so close to $99 mil again?! :(. (Umm… that’s BL’s not D3 sobs) Only to get a… (drum roll)… common item or weapon!? If there was a way to divvy up loot by DPS, then yes! I would love a loot separation system like that. Otherwise. The system will continue to reward those who do nothing deserving of it.

(Zen_Disaster) #26

Lootsplosion Mechanic should be adjusted to auto-load all legendaries & purples into the host’s backpack immediately after the fall. He can then dole out whatever of this stuff he doesn’t want as he sees fit. This would solve more problems than dealing with ninjas.

I agree with the OP’s other two recommendations about activating Story Missions & Fast Travels / Travel Gates.

(Matrixneo42) #27

Dont forget that people who dont contribute much can still run straight into the loot splosion and grab that legendary item before you notice it or grab it. I’d rather have “instanced loot” so that nobody can steal my drop.

(Evo4g63t) #28

That’d just give the host all the power so then you’d have everyone wanting to be the host and I am sure you’d get hosts that just rob everyone blind and leave.

If they want to fight this then they should give the loot to the person that has the least amount of damage and dealt the most damage or at least let them have first choice by giving them 10 seconds where only their character can pick up the loot.