Borderlands 3 Hot Fixes [10/17/2019]

There are so many guns that are just not worth to pick them up and i think the number is increasing.
I wish it would be the other way around but instead of making other guns attractive they do the opposite.

Instead of “Hey that gun that just dropped is pretty good too! Time to try another loadout!”

It´s like “Hey that gun that just dropped is just not fun to play with… let´s just stick to the ones i enjoy.”

The number of weapons we enjoy should increase because they are fun and we want to use these guns.
Not because the good ones are just not fun anymore and we look for something else.

Is fun not the reason we play?


Depends on if you were being overpaid or not. And how smartly you spend your money.

You should always have a backup plan as well

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I hope you are being sarcastic. Comparing buffs with nerfs is a bit short sighted. There are several useless buffs compared to a lot of significant nerfs…I think we have to do the math again. And saying the health increase is amazing…I think you are a bit over-excited. The root cause for the issues borderlands has are not weapons or gear that is supposedly op. It is the overall game and its rushed features / mechanics. People farming offline to get loot, farming with friends is impossible after 3 runs my Xbox shuts down, the ONLY viable option to farm online is to play the slaughter shaft…Booooooring, mayhem itself is a joke…plain random modifiers that’s it…no random enemies, no enemies with different mechanics, no invincibles, no challenges, no special loot, no raid-like bosses or missions, too many stuff is world-drop etc. the list goes on and on and on…absolutely no creativity. All the bosses in the game are absolutely no challenge at all…no special mechanics nothing, just some unnecessary immune-phases…wow the fight takes 30sec longer…you don’t even need special gear. I mean I really thought bl3 would be the new benchmark. I just believe they are simply overwhelmed by the amount of issues the game has and they are trying desperately to fix it but don’t really know how. The player base is shrinking.

And that’s why I’m annoyed right now, didn’t want to spend my limited few hours refarming new gear :slight_smile: glad you understand, and I too can see the PoV from the other side of the community that thinks these nerfs are a positive step.


So i take it Flakker Moze was literally the only build you’ve ran…

Hey, folks, take your personal disputes to polite private messages, please.

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None of the guns I talked about were hit by a 70% nerf. The Lyuda was probably hit the worst and is still one of the best guns in the game.
If I was making 10 million dollars I would have more money than I know what to do with. 3 million wouldn’t change my financial options or stop me from being the highest earner of everyone I know.
Blanket generalizations aren’t great arguing points.

Well you obviously have to finish digistruct peak without dying to complete it. But to say it’s easy with BA off? I mean, I specifically avoided using Sal because he was too OP. But that’s because people took advantage of game exploits and did not rely on any type of skill otherwise.

So never farm in a looter shooter, because they are always patching??? Yea right.

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Yeah i do understand and i can sympathize with people getting their favorite gun nerfed. I just think these nerfs are justified. And i believe it will be better in the long run.

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And there ARE some in the game, you just have to know where to look. Youtube is full of videos right now that show some great farming spots, including one where either FL4K or Amara can maneuver basically Unlimited Legendary Loot! Sadly, no one’s found a way to do it with Zane or Moze… yet.

…mahusive quote removed…

Way to kill the game, you just made my builds null and void, appreciate it. Now the only time I might play this game is offline, guess i’m Going back to Break Point lol boarderlands was fun while it lasted…

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Iron Bear: health increased by 50%

What was it? 15 tons of titanium? It’s less durable then any of the characters. It runs on fuel, and when it’s empty you eject, so why isn’t the Iron Bear invulnerable? It should not have an hp bar at all, it should only run on fuel.

Oh I believe you, once the nerfs have stopped and GB are happy with where everything is then the game will settle down and the playing field should be levelled. That’s when I can play the game without worrying about my gear, I’ll just have to play offline until then or ntil I have time to have a good farming session :slight_smile:

That is balance, some go up, some go down. Only going one way doesn’t work.

There are also several minor nerf and major buffs

I just counted, not really math but I can re count if needed.

This is a matter of opinion. I like smart OP and let me explain that. A plug in play gun that is OP in every set up is boring to some, like me. It takes no though, no strategy, no anything. You just put that in your hand and everything dies. Like the harold in bl2. That to me makes us as a community weaker. It doesn’t challenge player skill, or smart build choices or anything. Its just an easy win button. And without challenge there is no reason to keep playing it.

One of the great things of early gaming was games were hard, not everyone beat everything. The easy games were put away but the hard games you kept going to try and beat it.

In modern gaming that is a rare thing. In borderlands 2 the player base died hard, then UVHM came out and there was a challenge and the game rose from the ashes.

I like to find OP ways to play by finding gear and finding a synergy with other gear and skills to create and interesting and OP build. Not just grab this and nothing else matters.

Now that is me, not everyone. But UVHM drove a lot of experimentation in bl2 and we learned so many new cool and interesting interactions no one figured out before UVHM because there was no challenge and less of a reason to challenge ourselves.

So if everything is just buffed up, then we have bl2 before uvhm and that was a dead game.

Balance is up and down and that is important IMO.


And guess who I main…Moze :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You cannot make op content based around op gear. Then we have bl2 again


Wow just wow. I like how Gearbox says they want you explore other avenues of builds and play styles by shoe horning you into what ever build is left that is viable and allows you to scrape by, only to nerf that build a week later as well. I am not happy about these changes at all. I am trying to have fun in this game but every time I turn around you destroy what I worked so hard for. This is so infuriating because it feels like I am just not allowed to play how I want to play because Gearbox either A. does not like my playstyle or B. simply does not want me actually playing builds that i make and just wants me to play the builds they deem fit.

I was playing with a friend online and we were having a ton of fun but now when he gets off work I’m just gonna have to tell him I’m not playing online anymore because of this BS, and its not like this is the first time this has happened. Its every time I have come up with a character build. Sorry gearbox but you have lost a customer here. I will not buy another game from you guys again, the reason being is I don’t have hours upon hours upon hours to grind my time is very limited and when I get a character fine tuned so that I can actually play and really enjoy the fruits of my labor and you come around swinging your nerf bat because you don’t like seeing how your game is being played I just dont want to play anymore. Its like sitting at a table playing a board game with your little or big brother/sister and they just play your turn for you. No thank you.

Despite bugs at launch this was fun and now its just well not so much anymore. My hands hurt from getting slapped away from every thing I find interesting and cool.


Perhaps you should reread the last sentence and edit your post

Yeah, I’m a little mad about the Butcher being nerfed. It was my favorite gun. I’ll have to play to see how bad it is, hopefully it’s still worth using. And i wonder if the Flaker is worth use anymore.