Borderlands 3 Hot Fixes [9/27/2019]

add the ability to skip cutscenes PLEASE


Um yeah need to have a look at iron bear really has no use at mayhem 3 needs some buffs


as soon as moze gets fixed my personal player engagement will rise exponentially once I know iron bear is in a good state nice to see zane buffs tho always felt his action skills were meh at best, hopefully fl4k’s pet build will get some love too.

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But no adjustments to how weak iron bear is at higher lvls?


What do you mean by “Legendary loot drops have been balanced throughout the game.”
Have you modified the loot tables or just changed the drop rates ?


The OP doesn’t mention that these hotfixes don’t go live until later today.


I really like these patch notes! I like the explanation and the direct numbers to make is really simple to under stand what’s going on.


When does this hotfix drop, and can you clarify how these updates are rolling out are they via epic launcher patching or is there some sort of in-game icon or indication that your downloading an update? Ive been very confused as to the last 2 patches how this works.

I’m super happy with most of this. Disappointed in the lowering of Jakobs pistol dmg. Thats kinda lame.

The FL4K nerf is understandable, but halving the crit dmg, AND the time to use is swinging the pendulum too far in the other direction I think. It’s should have been left at 50% and you get less time, or leave it at 8sec and you get less crit dmg. Cutting them both down makes takes it from OP to UP


100% agree on this

Love all of those changes. yes even the nerfs.

I dont quite understand the “loot drop rebalance” one tho? Is it another nerf to drop rates? Is it giving enemies more items in their pools? This is very vague…

Id like to see Moze’s Iron Bear in endgame being touched too. ATM Iron Bear in Mayhem mode is useless for the lack of a better term.


thanks a bunch, this was a really good read

Thank you for providing so many numbers on the changes for this hotfix!
Please provide more details/numbers on the loot droprates/tables and any changes to those in the future.

But no adjustments to how weak iron bear is at higher lvls?

They are probably on the way, but moze is completely playably, very powerful without iron bear (even if not being able to use iron bear takes away a lot of the cool factor).

Zane on the other hand, was quite weak no matter how you tried to play him on tvhm mayhem 3.


These are pretty amazing, Gearbox to years to touch characters skills in bl2. Also they rarely did big gun balances, the loot hunt was really the only one.

@Noelle_GBX The maggie was nerfed on release with a bigger damage penalty. While it has a bigger mag than mashers, the damage is around half which doesn’t balance right. There is really no reason to use a maggie over a masher.

Could you see if the team can address that?


nice, I love my scout rifles

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while moze may be playable without I want to use the mech, that’s like asking someone to go to an ice-cream shop and eat a hamburger because they are all out of ice-cream.


I stay away from Malawan weapons because they take too long to charge before firing. I like to aim and shoot, not aim and wait for charging.


Added it for YOU. :slight_smile:


@Derch , they said they will revisit some leg later, so the maggie may well be on the list

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