Borderlands 3 Hot Fixes [Updated 9/19/2019]

I have gotten so many duplicates of literally the same thing. I sold off an annointed hellwalker because I had 2 with the exact same stats and same annointed perk… and I still don’t have things I am actually looking for… particularly class mods and grenade mods

I think the hellwalker is fixed parts or something because the only difference I’ve gotten was annointments

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ah that might make sense… I am.just tired of seeing 5-6 of the same guns while others are nowhere in sight… I can tell they balanced legendaries to drop more again, but can’t farm classmods offline and can’t really farm for them online with the current droprates and everything is world drop.

Classmod farming cant be done offline anymore?

None that I have seen… probably 40+ hours of farming Graveward, loot tink, jabbermogwai, anointed, and hardened badasses on Mayhem 3 offline… and only come across a couple of legendary class mods when I play online… and they were mostly stuff for Amara which is NOT Fl4k or Moze my 2 mains.

I’m glad I did all the classmod farming at the start then as I have over 30 legendary class mods

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trade me a couple, lol jk I am on the ps4

Cross play a thing?

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not yet, they wanted to do it but they said they were waiting… and with all the random bugs and glitches probably a good thing to work out a lot of the problems first

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Yea dont need to have all our stuff wiped out


You guys need to fix the anointed enemies, cause the guy that summons the fire pits can still pin point me when im invisible as fl4k and thats just making the game unplayable not to mention that hes immune so i gotta wait and hope he doesnt just go immune again.

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“- We’re hoping to have a timeline for larger patch updates available for everyone soon.” - 12 days ago

Any update on the timeline for these larger patches?


Yea… they fixed the tokens… but they nerfed so much of the character builds that now the only good build is moze with the redundant facepuncher and her 1 punch build… I’m sorry but you guys have just messed the game up… uninstalling and I dont think I’ll ever be coming back to borderlands… you can keep the money you stole from me I dont even care about the season pass content … sorry but you just dont know what your doing as developers and the trend of nerfing for what seems to be only for the sole purpose of nerfing has ruined games with RNG drops especially in this game which already has broken mechanics…
Theres no divide between sheild and hp bar when you go into last stand all your damage gets cut to near nothing on mayhem 3 …
It’s impossible to finish a single round of slaughterhouse on mayhem 3 with Amaras melee build without the redundant facepuncher and … it’s so rare to get a good drop now that theres no point in playing anymore…

Good bye and good riddance…
And do me a favor and just delete my account on here after you read this… trust me no love lost on my part…

lol you’re being a bit too hasty here. just stick around and adapt to the new changes rather than throwing your playtime down the drain. i’m sure there’ll be a new change/fix you’ll like, just get used to it first.

This is a bit extreme, but I understand the frustration. The nerfs, the vault whipping and the terrible drops when I do get legendaries has killed my interest. I will be back for the DLC. Hopefully by then they realize they need to make it more like Diablo III ended up and less like Diablo III started out.

I will never understand nerfing things in a game that has no PVP and where half the fun is finding ways to exploit the systems and weapons. You eventually tire of melting bosses and increase the difficulty yourself by putting together more challenging builds. This is a game where we can self police our play.


B3 has followed the same course as D3 and as MOO3…that is to say, right down the toilet.

The initial weapons blow.
The screen is so full of color and explosions,. you cant see WTF is going on. (and I’m on a 4k 65" TV)
and WHY, do I have to sit thru a 7 minute intro, every gddmn time I start the game?

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Are you suggesting someone become a developer, get hired by gearbox, then fix the problems they are complaining about? Do you realize this isn’t an open source game? I am a dev and I can’t make sense out of what you are saying.


Agreed, I wish I could get my money back.

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