Borderlands 3 Hot Fixes [Updated 9/19/2019]

It literally happens every day! What the hell am I supposed to do when I can’t use the bank at all?

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So crazy. I mean this is ridiculous, but for now you could start players that are just loot hoarders of your stuff…so crazy you have to do that.

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Party/endgame content drop rates should be increased. I just did Slaugher3000 on mayhem 3 twice. Took us 1.5hrs each run and we got on average 6-9 legendary items per person.

If we just partied up and spammed Graveward we would average 1 legendary every 2-3 minutes.

I suggest giving us more incentives to do more endgame raid type content rather than just killing the same boss over and over again. Easiest way is to make end game quests more rewarding/farmable.


Why do they have to take all the loot away! Completely stupid patch put tinks back!


There is a bug that if your in your game and you try to join a friends game, without going to the title screen first, it will hard reset the xbox one console.

Why nerf anything in a non-competitive game? I don’t have time to grind for hundreds of hours to see the huge amount of guns you all put in the game I get like an hour a couple times a week. Farming is fun especially when you actually get good weapons. Reducing drop rates will make me stop playing. I was so happy with how much better they were than BL2. Please don’t make these nerfs permanent or I won’t be continuing to play more than once through.


I tried for about 30 minutes trying to get another Infinity pistol.

It’s kinda hilarious that people are complaining about drop rates when they’re still stupid unbalanced. Either that or I have stupid luck, I get 3-4 per 30 min

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Only people playing Mayhem 3 get constant drops. And when you can clear Mayhem 3 content, it’s kinda obselete :slight_smile:

It’s very hard right now, to gear up, to be able to clear Mayhem 3 content. Unless you horded up on legs before the hotfix.

Mayhem 2 is just as broken at certain spots, mayhem 1 could be also but idk

alien barrel guns need further look into them even after nerf they are still too strong. especially shotties and ars.

Yes how can they be so goddamn narcissistic to force everyone to watch their cut scenes more than once? Height of hubris.
I want to PLAY a game not watch the same cartoon over and over.
I truly hate this element of the game.


indeed, when do we start?

As soon as the cut-scene is over…

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hahahahahah good one! BuT wE c’AnT sKiP tHeM

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People forget the fact most legendaries are world drops. So get specific stuff was hard before the hotfix and even harder after.

Fair point actually, the most stuff you get is random stuff. I got 3 dupes of different weapons I got on the same farm, could just be that I’m unlucky but still.

If you want people to farm more then 1 boss, then give each boss a pool of legendarys only they can drop. This 90% of legendarys are world drops is dumb. You need to roll a 1/100+ to get the right item, then you need good parts, good anointed effect, and all 3 on the same gun. Nerfing legendary drop rates makes it absurd how long it takes to get any specific legendary.

I think I kinda know away around the hotfix and still playing online? I simply just loaded my character right away and then I was able to farm loot tinks as much as possible and I’d say one third of the time I would get two loot tinks in the same area

I agree guys, this world drop thing is just dumb. It is so random, you don’t even know where to spend the time farming depending what you are looking for. So it’s just wasted time, and i keep getting the same crap over and over, so now im just walking by legendaries on the ground left and right because it’s the same crap over and over. They make the comments like “we dont want everyone to have all the legendaries in the game right away” well then dont make them world drops. Because stuff is just randomly dropping all over the map. I have been looking for a few items every night and nothing…yet i have to sit here and farm chupa, graveward and tyreen over and over. Yet I get the same crap. Its just dumb. So drop rates arent even the only issue, but making them less, just makes it even harder then it already is. If it gets any harder people just wont play because it will be stupid. This game is so based on loot and gear, if people cant obtain it then what? we just play the story over and over? How long will that last?

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