Borderlands 3 Hot Fixes [Updated 9/19/2019]

We definitely need loot pools asigned to bosses and proving grounds/circle of slaughters

PLEEEEASE add an Esc to the opening movie. It’s annoying watching it 4 times for 5 minutes each time…

At least your good at rubbing salt in wounds, congrats.

People will complain about everything and anything, but bandwagon jumpers will always be the worst. The sooner these people move on to the next hypetrain game, the better.

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Any update on the Eridian anaylzer? I already defeated the boss not once but twice. First time I obtained it at the great vault was pushing through with the story. But since then have not been able to decipher any eridian messages. I tried again later (about to hit level 30) to see if I could find it in the great vault again but no such luck.

so, when it the update fixing performance issues coming? my bank that was full of hard earned loot has been deleted and that really discourages me from playing further so any progress reports would be appreciated.


Is it possible that everyone losing bank loot are new people on the forum each time or people who knew about the issue and it finally happened to them.

Tbh I dont think theres enough bosses to go around. If you dont want 10 legendaries on 1 boss that is.

There are plenty of mini bosses / hunt / easter egg that drop uniques. Would be nice that they’d all have uniques in their loot pool. Though some do, some seems not.

Anyway, I’ve found out great farming routes in athenas/ skywell 27 for example. Opening every chests/ badasses ennemies/ Mobbing though, clearing all the map.
That’s a lot more enjoyable than before or just save and quit to kill Terra 11000 time to get a perfect hide. Beehawk sticked behind a rock… Well funny :no_mouth:

Though I like both raiding and mobbing, mobbing never felt that rewarding in BL2 That’s why I can understand the design point on BL3.
I really enjoy testing builds while doing those farming sesh to make my favourites weapons a good use.
Would be nice to have more than 2 U-stations in the Universe though.
I also love(d) raiding, legitimately. Not those Evil Smasher sessions. Nah. Just Big challenge. Long and intense fight and rewards. I missed that a bit in BL3. But content will come hopefully.

To people complaining about drop rate. Base game BL2 had definitely less content / bosses at the launch even less drop rate ! 1 Raid boss (vermi) . 1 Vault. With glitched loot pools. Mini bosses like Doc Mercy, that we all farmed HOURS while it was glitched, was such a nightmare.
We all farmed this guy hours for nothing until it was patched. Over 2000hours of BL2 and I still remember the first time I dropped an infinity. It was a world drop while killing Zafford clan.Afrer days of failing with Doc Mercy I literally screamed. I knew it was bugged. Joy happened because it was rare af. Rewarding.

Cobra in Beatdown was the most challenging farming challenge I’ve ever done. A curious mix of joy and frustration when I finally got it… Weapon sucked. But I made it happen somehow.

The idea about certain ennemies types that can drop very rare uniques is great iMO (when not buggy)

Drop rate is easy to hate. I remember struggling on BL2 to get the perfect gear for my builds… When Gearbox decided to boost drop rates x2 in their very last updates TPS and BL2. (Maybe trying to be more attractive or “fun” to new players that can only play 1 or 2 hours a day) anyway it destroyed my “reward feeling” to have struggle collecting all this good loot time consumed.

I liked it but couldn’t prevent myself to think : I lost hours farming at the old drop rate…

I hope they won’t mess up the drop rate drastically. Glad they fixed it actually.

I remember discussions about backpack/ bank storage back in the days. Gearbox told us that BL2 was not meant to collect EVERY single items of Pandora. “That’s why you replace guns. That’s why you don’t need more storage capacity” plus some software excuses.

That being said, the bunch of streamers/players that kept BL2 alive during the transition to BL3, were Farmers / loot addict. Collectors like I do.
It’s not people that “casually” go through 1 or 2 playthrough then quit.

Just check Community patch feature’s list and all the loot assignations it has got… It says it all !

Looking forward to seeing if season pass and events will improve the game even more ! We want invincibles ! …and patches.

I hear you. However, there is a large number of people who prefer killing monsters and getting world drops as they go. Kill what you want, not what you must in order to get loot. World drops was the best dicision the develpers made with BL3.

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  • Guardian token points are still bugged. Negative points gotta be fixed.
  • People are loosing legendaries in bank all the time.
  • Bad Optimization specially when you zoom out with your sniper weapons. I play on average 60 FPS. Suddenly drops to 30 fps.

See today’s update notes. Guardian rank fix is done and being deployed starting later today; more fixes are on the way as soon as possible.

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Only if the drop rates are good, otherwise the odds of getting an item you need are near zero.

What drop rate are we talking about?

Theres a difference between loads of legendaries on the floor and legendaries that you want

I have a problem everytime I kill an enemy it crashes my game or lag for long time, I think it’s bexause I’m over max guardian rank… that needs to be fix I cannot play at all

Of course you’re not always going to get the items you want. It’s random for a reason.

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That was the idea behind the higher rates. Still had to sort but more loot. I mean if you want just a legendary then it’s fine but specifics not so much

Definitely not that droprate… On mayhem 3 before the hotfiz I could clear an entire room of badasses and still never saw THAT many legendaries in a single area, and post hotfix I am lucky to see a single legendary in a 4 hour span