Borderlands 3 Hotfix [01/09/2020]

This may be lengthy and sound rant-like but is just me gathering info.

Checking if anyone else is having this issue. Since the hotfix yesterday myself as well as at least 4 others have been crashing for no noticeable reason. I play on PS4 and hadn’t had many issues (only minor lag/occasional once-a-week max crashes) since the 30 day patch. I crashed twice in one hour yesterday and about 10 times in a four hour period today, with most of them occurring in the raid but not all of them. Other than that and Mayhem 4 there isn’t anything every crash had in common. Prior to the hotfix going live I didn’t crash once but since it went live it’s like the game can’t run anymore. I already sent in a ticket but want to get a rough idea of if this is large scale or isolated and I’m just unlucky.


I think a good fix for the anointed enforcer would be to throw out the immunity phase altogether and just have him take reduced damage when using the shield and fire strike abilities.


Data point: have been in the game for many hours now without a blip (PC).

Thanks for the update. Any timeline for a performance update? The UI is awfully slow and sucks to use.

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Hi, I don’t know if this is of any use but the Epicenter grenade mod fills Moze’s HP bar with a single grenade. Procs Vampyr 16 times.

Played several hours on original XB1 with no issues. Even stuck my nose in to Takedown. Removed bloodied nose but no crash. I’d suggest doing whatever the PS4 equivalent of XBox’s clear cache is and see if things improve.

And let’s NOT attack other users simply because we disagree with them, eh?

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Lmao no I don’t use any glitches, and yes I farm for most of my own gear, and no none of the gear that drops in the takedown I use. You can literally beat the takedown with just the infinity and the new Zane mod. Don’t put me down cause you can’t do it. :joy: It’s people like you who blame others for their incompetence that are ruining this game!


Yeah I agree adjustable scaling would be the best. Cause I spent a lot of time getting the perfect gear and build to be able to solo the raid with Amara and Zane, currently working on fl4k. Just to have it be pointless if they make this permanent. It’s literally the only challenge left. Cause for some reason it’s the only raid boss.

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Yup same here. Everytime gearbox fixes something they mess something else. I hope they aren’t too focused on going back on there word and ruining the game with micro transactions and battle passes instead of fixing their very broken game!

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I am completely unable to understand this argument. My mind freezes up every time I read someone type this (or something like it).

If Blacksite can scale, if you can set it to the hardest setting as has been repeatedly asked/suggested - if it can be set to be as hard as it can possibly be how does that stop it from being less challenging for anyone who wants that difficulty. How would the ability to scale the difficulty based on number of players literally in any way detract/damage the playability of the content for anyone, ever?

I see what looks a lot like egos waiting to be bruised simply because they feel some type of “elite factor” has been stolen from them. As if a special club now has too many undesirables in it. “If we don’t have our unobtanium we will have a tantrum, say everything is trash and abandon your game! We really mean it!”

It looks really, really bad. Like “you can’t sit in the front of the bus” kind of bad. I know humans really never change, but holy crap folks, ain’t nobody trying to take anything away from you here. These sorts of posts, the things being said, the way they are said have historically not made the world a better place for anyone.

It’s a game, people want to participate. It’s why they bought a copy, to play.

And I don’t recall where, but I thought Gearbox said they plan to add additional “raid content”. Hopefully, Blacksite won’t be the only “raid” added.

PS. To be utterly clear - this guy’s post does not hit the fevered pitch some of the posters in this thread do nor does it hit into the near desperate tone that other posters have written concerning the Blacksite event and their fears about it becoming permanent. My post was because I have already seen many similar to this (not just here), and my dismay over the tone and literal words said by many of them.


I suspect some are afraid that scaling will be automatic and is simply based on number of players present: game sees that you are alone, here is your lower difficulty, and you can’t do much about it.

Since I don’t really care about MT (too hard for me), I don’t remember exactly how GBX described the scaling event. If they left it ambiguous (hey, implementation details, right?), I could see some confusion as a result.

I agree with you on your other point: lots of recent posts of the kind ‘sky is falling!’ and ‘we are doomed!’. Perhaps some smelling salts are in order to cure this severe case of vapors. :slight_smile:


A control console right in the airlock where the New-U is would be perfect.

It honestly surprised me a bit that we didn’t get a similar approach to Mayhem modifiers as the consoles in The Cortex (h4x0rx) arena of TPS. The BL3 incarnation so far is more of a throwback to BL1’s Underdome.


I would be shocked if Gearbox implemented selectable scaling to the current event. I do not advocate forced scaling (as a permanent fixture for Maliwan Takedown). It is (my opinion) a really poor choice.

It should not scale to a lower number of players than present, ever. There are already 4 levels of Mayhem and even Easy setting. There should never not be the option of max difficulty, even for a single player. There are players who want the hardest of hard settings, there are those who even use it as a test bed. These things are just as important as players who want to experience the content but for whatever reason choose not to or can’t group AND don’t have whatever synergistic gear/skills are required to solo it.

There is literal zero reason both cannot be accomplished. None.
You enter Blacksite, dialog pops up, “Do you want Maliwan Takedown to scale to the number of players present?” Yes, or No.
(Potentially an even simpler solution than a podium.)


Well, I guess that was it regarding performance-updates/ improvements ? Hugely disappointing, especially regarding how you made it sound as if there would be several, huge updates coming in the future. There were some updates, but at least in my opinion not enough; not by a long shot.
The game STILL runs pretty bad; especially in shootouts.

I have a pretty beefy rig, and run a 144 Hz Monitor. But there are still occasions where the game drops even under 60fps; and not even at the highest settings, and only in 1080p. From what I have experienced this seems to have to do with the bad CPU/ GPU-Utilization. When running MSI Afterburner I can see how my GPU (a 2080) sits at around 50-60% utilization; same with my CPU (I7 8700K). And when those framedrops occur the utilization drops down to under 50 %. And no, this has nothing to do with my Settings regarding Power Savings or something similar. Borderlands 3 is literally the only game where I can witness this behaviour; from the very start. And not so much has changed in this regard since the pretty lacklustre release of the game.

I said this before: From a pure gameplay-perspective the game is good; nothing THAT special, but fun. But from a technical perspective Borderlands 3 is among the worst performing games I experienced in the last couple of years ( and no, I personally didn´t play all those botched, crappy games that seemed to be even worse…Fallout 76 or Anthem for example). And it´s not only the PC-Version. I played the PS4-Version (on a PS4-Pro) during the free weekend; and that really wouldn´t be an alternative for me. And then I see how Gearbox handles the updates; fix one problem, introduce one (or two) more. But what´s even worse…Gearbox seems to be a-ok with the technical state of the game at this point (apart from gameplay-related bugs). That REALLY speaks for itself in my opinion…


I don’t get what you don’t get. If it scales to the number of people in the party that will make it so much easier to solo! Like I said, it’s literally the only challenging thing left in the game. You think I care if some rando on the internet thinks i think my ego is gonna be hurt? Or that I think I’m some elite cause I can solo it? Tons of people can solo it, I’m not special. Like for real, that’s your argument? Of course it will affect it. It will be 3x easier than it is now. That’s how scaling works lmao. Its literally the only challenge left in the game and I enjoy trying to get gear and put builds together to solo it. If they scale it down it just won’t seem like I accomplished as much as before. Idc what You think. I’m giving my input. You just sound extremely butt hurt that you can’t solo it writing a long as essay. The simple answer would be to make it adjustable so everyone is happy. It’s a raid though, it’s supposed to be hard. Smfh!


Because if it can be set to the hardest level it won’t prevent anyone from running it in the hardest mode. It’s that simple. Don’t set it to the easiest and it’ll still be just as hard.

Leave it as is and it blocks a lot of people from ever completing it.

Just to state the situation plainly, I haven’t tried to solo it. I don’t know if i can or not. I think my Zane build can. My Amara, once leveled, might also. I ran it once with another player (M2) and we got shut down at the first gate. I ran it and cleared it a second time with three people total on M4. It was tough. But I very seldom group.

If Gearbox makes a design decision and decides to “lock it” behind group constraints, that’s on them. But in doing so there’s a whole lot of their player base they will be sending a clear message too.

If they make it so you can choose to scale the difficulty it doesn’t stop anyone solo or otherwise from doing it on the hardest setting. If they chose to make it scale by default, I think that would be a serious mistake. You loose nothing except your “pride” if they choose to make it scale the way I’ve discussed.

PS. There are people who won’t ever complete it. It’s some tough content. Grouped or not, unless they are carried, they’ll never defeat it. Borderlands attracts a wide and diverse range of players with just as wide and diverse set of skills and abilities.


Wait, are you saying the same thing I am? I think it should be adjustable and not automatically scale. What I didn’t want was for them to make it permanently scale to party size. But I completely agree that it should be adjustable. That way everyone wins. People who want the hardest can set it that way. People just trying to run it for the first time or just to farm easier can set it accordingly. When you first open the gate it should ask you what setting you want it on. That would solve all problems.


Maybe we are! :slight_smile:

I meant you no direct disrespect with my reply. (I didn’t even mean indirect disrespect)
Making it so no one could ever run it on the hardest setting alone if they choose too would be a mistake. We (the community) need difficult content. How the heck else can you test things out? Heck, some people just want something tougher to do. Don’t take something people enjoy away from them, that’s silly and mean.

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Idk, I think it would be silly to incorporate some type of tool that enabled you to choose the party size.

I’ve played a ton of multiplayer games, and Maliwan Takedown is something I attribute to what could be called a raid of sorts in other games. It’s not just a raid boss like in previous BL games where I just jump right in, but I gotta grind through a bunch of enemies first.

There are different levels to mayhem for a reason. If someone can’t solo it on m4, bump it down and play. That should be the only adjustments necessary.

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I think it’s silly to see Gearbox talk about doing things because they are concerned they don’t see enough “diversity” in builds, and then lock gear behind a multiplayer “requirement”. And, behind the hardest difficulty setting for the hardest content in game. Why do they have to make Maliwan Takedown M4 exclusive drops? Why bother with “balancing” characters if they are going to intentionally make it so valuable and potentially key items are excluded from many players?

That’s pretty confusing. Making less gear available will not create build diversity.

I also suspect you haven’t read many of the comments on why people would appreciate some type of scaling for Blacksite. If this was some MMO where you gotta have your twelve or twenty four “men” to run your raid, I’d be a lot more protective of the “raid” idea. But this is Borderlands. A game designed from the ground up to be addressed by one, to no more than four players.

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