Borderlands 3 Hotfix [01/09/2020]

100% of the people i spoke to a couple minutes ago when i was washing my hands alone in the restroom all agreed that they still enjoy playing Borderlands 3 and, in fact, played it last night for several hours.


That’s one way to look at it - another is to notice that people (me for sure) are mostly reacting to statements that are presenting opinions as facts, quote numbers that are pulled out of thin air, deal with anecdotal evidence, are based on pure speculation etc. etc.

And yes, not everyone hates the game. Surprise…


False (potentially/likely) figures and exaggerations aside. This game was released in a very buggy state and removed and has features that a large set of the player base enjoyed about the past games. These fixes are great and all but a lot of the damage is done. They need to fix things that caused people to leave first. In order to sustain they need most of those initial investors to keep up with the pipeline of DLC they have planned they can’t really afford for this to go the way of battleborn. If nothing else the don’t want to leave a bad taste in peoples mouth when God Fall comes out. BL3 is a good game that with some minor(to a layperson) tweaks and an awesome DLC that adds endgame challenges would make it great.

After this mess I know I personally won’t be touching any other games that have the GBX logo on them anywhere near launch. I loved every other BL in the series but after this launch, issues with couch co-op and still unfixed glitches, I am going to wait until reviews come out and make sure products are in a solid finished state before I give up any money towards them. It sounds like many people are enjoying the game with the bugs and current state but they have definitely lost some loyal fans as well. I learned my lesson and I have been letting others know to avoid picking up a copy until its in a better state.

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I’m curious on if any roundabout date for the heads and skins the stream team currently are sporting? Any date for that yet?

Also does this fix for the drops apply in normal mode if running mayhem 4?

This maliwan event seems to be targeted towards people that play solo, and not everyone that plays is a borderlands boss .

Hmmm, did the quest for the NOG mask on a new FL4K and did not get the mask. Submitted a ticket but it was closed and marked solved. Notes said devs were aware and no ETR.

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