Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [01/14/2021]

Today in Borderlands 3, we’re setting off the Supercharged Crystals mini-event and making some adjustments to gear! These changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PT. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that reads, “Hotfixes Applied!” If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

During the Supercharged Crystals mini-event, players will find that moving off the platform will not reduce the charge of the crystals in the Takedown at the Guardian Breach. As crystals do not lose charge, players cannot wipe during these crystal charge-up sequences. This event will end on January 21 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET.

  • Activates the Supercharged Crystals Mini-Event until January 21 at 9:00 AM PT.


Techspert Operative Class Mod

  • Increased the chance on kill to recharge SNTNL Cooldown and Duration from 15% to 35%


  • Increased Weapon Damage, Magazine Size, Fire Rate, and Projectile Speed
  • Decreased Reload Time


  • Increased weapon damage

SF Force

  • Increased weapon damage

Malak’s Bane

  • Increased weapon damage

Very nice. Thanks guys! Keep working on the game. Techspert may still need working on, but good you’re paying attention to it. Ripper I’ll use the day it has a nice melee attachment (maybe 200%)


Any ETA on PS5 save transfer fix? We still can’t play the game in best available version on PlayStation.
Will there be huge patch next week?


Are you guys EVER going to touch FL4Ks fourth skill tree? How about balancing out all the characters so that half of them don’t rely on stupid mayhem scaling for 3 skills? Performance and UI fixes? How do y’all think buffing 4 weapons every month is something that’s gonna bring back players? Do you guys even care anymore?


You guys are so out of touch with what people want at this point, it’s actually depressing.
Thanks for the weapon buffs, I guess.


So still no updates to Splitscreen unreadable text? I was told it was known and being worked on is that still true?


I don’t know if i want to say something but … i’ll do it anyway , what is this event ? a joke ? haha funny , can you guys call it a " event " ?

But thanks for weapons buff i guess ? I really don’t know what to think


Since I didn’t expect anything this week I guess the weapon buffs are a nice surprise.
I do expect something next week, like a patch, or an announcement for a patch, so I’ll reserve my disappointment till next week.


This event is unnecessary as the Pope’s testicles


Hey how about fixing sentinel cryo instead of useless buffs to weapons?


I just think about it , why this " mini event " is not permanent ? Guardian TK really need some change


Pretty weak hotfix.

Another Techspert buff? For god-friggin’-sake, why?
Once again, only complete rework can save this classmod from trash state, which it has been since day one.

New guardian takedown “event”? Seriously, this doesn’t make sense for me.
Betcha reddit kids whined about “hurr durr gUardIAn TaKEdWaN iz tu diffiCalT”, amirite?

More weak gun buffs? Mkay, but will they became even somewhat viable on m10/11?

Once again, quite weak hotfix.


At this point, if what you say is accurate, yeah they need to stop listening to reddit. Because most complaints about this Takedown are about checkpoints and not crystals.


FL4K is still absurdly weak, his 4th skill tree is a pile of bugged garbage, and Zane’s 4th skill tree is stupidly op while his Green Tree is a complete mess. New end-contents are still nowhere to be seen. Even TGTD is a breeze once you get the builds right, we are long out of things to do, and ypu somehow make it even easier. Seriously GB, we expected better than what came 2020 and this is horribly disappointing.


How is the work going on the console crashes, split screen text size and UI going? You know those issues that we were told “we’re looking into” and “we’re aware of”. Still after all this time. How is it other companies can manage to fix those issues not a week after their games release?

que the sad trombone


Think you’re going to have to try harder to get people to play that takedown lol


It might be enough for me to try it. I’m not a glutton for punishment in BL games, so having to deal with both platforming and charging mechanic is too much for me to even consider it, but when you take one of these off the table…

I guess you can blame someone like me for this mini-event, they are trying to reduce barrier to entry here, with hopes that more people will attempt it.


Alright. Putting aside the “event” that should be part of a permanent rework of the GTD, lets see the “buffs” to the weapons/class mod this week on paper without knowing the new values:

  • Techspert: As many have said, the problem wasn’t how pitiful the original % was (like 5% or smth). It was a problem but the effect itself can’t stand on its own with the skills it gives. And I should know, my main Zane build is a Techspert build (cause Meta be damned). It needs an additional effect along with the reset.

  • Ripper: Stop trying to make it a thing. Is never going to be a thing. Unless it works like Zero’s Counterstrike skill, in which you can get a damage bonus for both meleeing and shooting it won’t have a proper gameplay loop. Its current effect can’t even be procced by different types of spaghet melee that’s in the game, you HAVE to use the knife of the gun and the effect itself is too short.

  • Malak’s Bane: At last you touch this gun. I can’t be sure, but I believe that the biggest problem with the gun is that it consumes WAY too much ammo for not much damage. Yes, it could be buffed to Lob levels of damage now, but why would I spend my limited amount of Sniper ammo using this rather than something like the Krakatoa or even the Monocle. I think the shotgun alt-fire should work like the Faisor imo. Personally, I think Dahl shouldn’t have produced Snipers and made Shotguns instead. But that’s just not worth discussing here.

  • SF Force: Could be worth depending on the damage values. Can’t be too sure however, laser weapons in this game aren’t nearly as great as in TPS. Not sure how much the splash projectiles would work now. Who know, maybe it is a Maliwan Soulrender now.

  • D.N.A: Can’t say anything about this one. Most players probably don’t even know it exists. It was a meme. Would have to know the exact %. Althought, the random elemental properties of the gun could be its downfall no matter the values.


Yes. Same for SF Force in my case. Need to look them up now :slight_smile: