Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [01/14/2021]

I am actually mildly excited about this, as a M6+ drop it and the Multi-Tap have been in need of a buff since April.


Personally I dont mind GTD its ok but I prefer MTD.

The issues are well documented. You’ve mentioned 2 the platforming being a big issue for a lot of people. This is a step in the right direction.

The biggest issue with it for me is the gear, theres nothing worth running it for.

Keep this new crystal mechanic, turn the platforms into pits you fight to get out of rather than death. Add a whole set of new weapons worth playing it for with at least 1 OP/cool item thats rare to get.

I there’s probably other things to improve it thats off the top of my head in 60 seconds. The team must be busy on DLC6 and updates are being done by a single intern kid these days by the looks of things.

Theres zero reason to play this takedown apart from to say you’ve completed it.


I can’t anymore… instead of fixing bugs and maybe rework the Guardian Takedown you guys give us a bandaid for a several months old “problem” as a timed event?


How about making the next event so that it disables 50% of all bugs and maybe let it run for atleast a few years, or you know maybe make it permanent :thinking:

This is unbelievable.


Yeah, please don’t make this crystal charging thing permanent. This seems like a trial run for it, to see how the response goes. If you do decide to make some sort of permanent change to the crystals, have them discharge at half the current rate or something instead as a compromise. (I for one, like the sense of urgency the discharging crystals bring.)

I think the real problem with GT is the nagging feeling of losing all your progress if you slip up during the platforming sequences. I don’t know if I’m in favor of more checkpoints as this seems to me as going against the philosophy of these takedowns. But that first platforming sequence in the map got it right I think: screw up, and you’re punished with more mobs. I know that was supposed to be the ‘training’ platforming sequence more or less, but in all honesty, the thought of falling off those later platforms is what deters me from playing GT more.

Edit: and like others have mentioned, MORE LOOT from the bosses. GT is more of a time investment than other challenges and the current loot reward is disappointing for all the time and effort the player puts into it. With the Maliwan Takedown, the loot is much more generous in that you can crack open Wotan’s legs, pop the skittering brain, etc for more loot.





  • Respawn points + vending machines after the crystal stages.
  • More loot from Anathema / Scourge. I’m talking 2-3 times as much.
  • Less health on the mobs. Not by too much, maybe 20% less.

This ‘event’ makes as much sense as making the floating platforms on the Guardian takedown 50% bigger to make sure players fall of them less often, which would actually be as much or even more helpful to get through it.

Is this what we have come to benefit from an event nowadays? A slight gameplay adjustment from a takedown map? See you all on the next hotfix, which will probably come by March and with the same degree of relevance. Not that Gearbox hasn’t got bigger issues to address…


Uh, yay? I guess?


I’ll second this. It’s an underused weapon for a reason. It would be great if the gimmick was ‘enemies take 100% damage from all sources when meleed’

Also, with regards to GT, there is little point making it easier to encourage play when the final boss rewards are so poor. Should be a loot room, or at the minimum a load of chests spawning on kill.


… and make it possible for all unique and dedicated drops spawn in there, may be? No world drops too, perhaps. Agree that reward/effort ratio seems to be busted there now.


Nice to see a hotfix but would be nicer if the content reflected that GB listens to the fans (maybe they picked Bane because along with woodblocker, it is the butt of the unwanted drops meme). There’s been some nice buffs (hellwalker and soulrender) so I’ll give these buffs a try but the “mini event” is very ‘meh’. A respawn station before Boss arenas or letting players respawn at start or midway checkpoints would be better.


this game is dying a slow sad death


WOW! Just wow! As if the support for and player base of this game had not dwindled enough. This is just a kick in the crotch.



Neat to see that some of the worst and least used legendaries in the game are getting a bit of love. Gonna be interesting to see if it makes them proper viable.

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Also buffing DNA’s bullet speed only maked this gun worse LMFAO

TL;DR - DNA is still a sh!tty cutsman


LMAO not surprised


Thanks for the link, and thanks for the quick update @NotQuag.

As much as I want to like the D.N.A. it seems as though it is destined to suck.


I was on stream when this happened, everyone was laughing lmao. How can you change stuff like that and not test it in the first place, this is absolutely nuts


Let’s be honest that alone pretty much sums up BL3 since its release. No need to test it when they have their customers to do that job for them.


Do we even know if latest hotfix was applied here? After all they were supposed to go live by Noon PST, and it’s still a bit early.