Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [01/14/2021]

If that guy would have bothered to shoot a real enemy with it instead of the dummy he’d see the DNA rips now. Probably too much work for your average streamer I guess.


Seemed pretty quick to me who just wanted to play some couch co-op …


Definitely the worst hot fix yet. This Borderlands drought keeps getting worse.


They’ve been saying that since launch. I take it as “shut up we’ll get to it when/if we have time or when we can make money off of it”


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i am crying laughing :d at what level of "i do not understand my own game " should you be to do that techspert change and only change 3 guns in a month. like make it 100% sntnl refresh on kill nobody will use it can you guess why from 3 tries? anyone from the devs? anyone?

i can not even call it incompetence with what has been up with malak’s bane it had like million buffs and it still sucks


Even if it rips, DNA is still very inconsistent for me. Projectile might hit enemy at the wrong angle and here goes the damage. Not worth to be m6 exclusive/cutsman upgrade.

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Is the SF Force any good now? I heard the buff was 400%. Can’t tell if that would be enough.

was gonna be one of the ten people excited about a DNA buff but loooooool i guess not, damn.

the extreme specificity of the mini-event is pretty funny, too. “For a week, this single portion of a single map will be less punishing!” Okay but it’s still too long and i’m not guaranteed anything for finishing so i won’t bother lol.


From Lazydata:

sf force: 400%
ripper: 166%
malak: 33.3% lmaoooo
dna damage: 166%
dna reload: -50%
dna fire rate: 39%
dna mag: 50%
dna projectile speed: faster now lol not listed on card


Ah Gearbox, you cutie idiots.


My guess is probably no.

A hotfix and thats it. Well it sounds to me that GB is really out of touch with what this game needs and what people want from them. Really out of touch.


Yep. Typical GB.


I see other gaming companies doing more than this to there game and there playerbase is more engaged then on here.
The game is on life support i agree on your post. GB will be to blame on it too. People will think twice to buy from them again including myself.


Yup I’d agree with that. Lets be honest this weeks hotfix is a complete waste of time.

Its been weeks since the last hotfix and this is all they come up with? It must just be 1 person working on it on his lunch break now.


The point of the clip is that today’s buff made the DNA worse than it was before. He wasn’t missing with his shots, they were travelling through the dummy without registering hits, which is an issue exclusive to shooting at Jack. Cutsman acts weird down there too sometimes but doesn’t carry over to using it in real combat. Whether or not it should be an M6 exclusive weapon is another topic, but it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking the pre-buff DNA was better than the updated one.

I still think they should give techspert, a standard drone… Keeping your drone active is easier through SD or even through skills.

Nobody’s going to use it when it’s easier to put this in a build or other classmods do a far better job at keeping the drone active…

Almost feels like a joke…

But not impressed… Game remains shelved (maybe i’ll give GTD an other try but i don’t really feel like playing the game atm)

laughing… so true.


Still no love for my Night Hawkin? My favorite SMG in the game, since the first time I got one. Can still carry a normal mode no mayhem playthrough, but by the time you get to mayhem 10/11, it’s mostly useless, especially compared to overpowered beasts like the Flipper and the Plasma Coil. I just want my Night Hawkin back!


I just tried it on mayhem 11. Got to Anathema, wiped out her first of the 3 armor bars. Died in the explosion and couldn’t get up. Quit bc it’s late. I only they would add a checkpoint after each crystal level, I would play it no problem. But untill then, if ever, I’ll try a couple of times and torture my self. Bc that’s what this is. Torture. Amd you gain nothig out of it too. 3 trash legendaries yeah no thanks.