Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [01/14/2021]

This guy gets it


Techspert odds for SNTNL recharge hitting a sweet spot for me. :+1:

Not played since release of the Arms Race DLC (3 months?) but checking out this forum weekly to see progress. Such a dissapointing time. Im hoping that they will actually do some good stuff, but the only real thing seems to be buff more and more stuff.

Maybe it’s just time to forget this game once and for all…


And still no raid bosses / end game content.


I’m … I just …

My brain hurts.

Thanks for the buffs … I guess.

Can we get a road map or something? At least that way we can be prepared for these kinds of disappointments.


A fix for ASA anoints would also be nice. So, you know, they’d keep working once you switch weapons, while your action skill still active. Cause now they stop. And so will I.

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If the road map told us they’re going to try out various changes to the Guardian Takedown, taking feedback each week before making the popular ones permanent through a patch which buffs the Takedown loot, then I think it would be easier to be positive. The lack of context doesn’t help us.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to play with the changes yet. How do people feel about the crystal stages in their new form? Better? Worse? Worth keeping?


Been checking the forum monthly for news about BL3. Yknow, since “hotfixes were too frequent.”

This hotfix is so bareboned and incomprehensible it could be hilarious. Except as stated above, it’s rather depressing.

For me and my best bro, it’s been a sh1tfest to play after a patch in early April which apparently destroyed optimization for a reason we’ll probably never know, and I had 100+ hours of smooth gameplay in online coop before, even on my potato PC. But oh well.

At this point I’m just drinking schadenfreude knowing they didn’t get GOTY, unlike BL1 and BL2. “The BIG one”, aged like milk.


So, to summerise, it’s the start of a new year, gearbox are back from xmas/NY break and they realised the "event’ they had going - that nobody cared about or remembered was happening - was about to end. So, instead of admitting they haven’t set anything new up, they added a change to GTD that they clearly want feedback on (as they realise it’s bad and needs fixing but don’t know how), and called it an event so Randy can bang on about how great they’re doing and how many events they’re doing and how the “games as a service” thing is great.
Brilliant /s

Oh, and more random buffes that make no sense, further destroying whatever balance was left in the game because anything they touch becomes stupid OP in normal or low mayhem so that it can cope at high mayhem, and still doesn’t compete with the pay-to-win style DLC gear they added.

I guess they’ll add a patch soon, which might be more substantial and come with all the fixes the community needs, but at this point it’s just as likely to ignore them and fail to add any hotfix data as a permanent change and just break something else.

I suggest anyone who still cares about GTD should shout loud about how to fix it, else gearbox will just look at sucess figures during this “event” and mess it up more.


That would require them to communicate with their community. Something they clearly have no intention of doing.

I’d love to eat crow on this, but just look at what we have so far.


A sort of addendum of these predictions after watching a few of the streamers:

  • Techspert: Nobody bothered to test it. Because there is nothing to test. Nothing has changed for this mod. It is not worth using for the special effect. The only thing it has going for is Rise to the Occasion (no other CM boosts that). It needs a damage buff, or maybe a damage debuff like the MNTS.

  • Ripper: Damage looked fine, but again the gameplay loop is clunky because of how slow melee is in the game and being restricted to HAVE to use the knife.

  • Malak’s Bane: It’s the Malak’s Bane

  • SF Force: Well… It is now the Rosie from TPS. It is probably the best laser weapon in the game. Too bad the hotfix only applies to the first firing mode. Best buff and it still has something wrong with it.

  • D.N.A: Is usable. Just like the weapon is based on, the Cutsman, it works best against big enemies. Problem is that it isn’t M6 worthy. It barely does any better than the Cutsman. It feels like a sidegrade to it, which is weird when you look at guns like the Reflux and the Brainstormer.

As for the “Event”, seems nobody is thrilled with it. Not even the people who like the GTD. When I read “Supercharged” I thought maybe they would charge faster, but that wasn’t the case. Maybe they could change it so that the Crystals recharge faster than now (like double) and if the Guardians are on the platform the recharge slows to the original speed. Wouldn’t that make both the mechanic and the mobbing more engaging and skill based?


I’ve played a few rounds yesterday. Didnt see any changes but I wasn’t the host so maybe the hotfixes weren’t applied.

I suggest they create a new sort of “event”

A public test event…

First thing i suggest testing… Try to balance ALL weapons and anoinments.

Hell, that alone would probably get me back to playing :sweat_smile:


Thanks, since that update I can´t access the game at all. I got this UE4 fatal error.

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Yes, Yes, Yes. For me, It’s so frustrating to suck at such a non-combat skill and have it make all the other game skills I’ve developed over the years null and void. It shouldn’t be a run ender.


Hey all, :acmaffirmative: I think this is because of the unofficial speed run contest with leader board for all takedown , slaughter, and proving ground content mainly for PC users a community homemade event. There is an attempt to beat the record currently set and this takedown is by far least liked to attempt. :acmomg:

:acmhmm: peace :v: out :boom:

Silly Buffs are a way to post the changes to the takedown crystals here maybe to boost interest. Just a non psychic vibe…

Nerfs and Buffs again instead of actual fixes to reported concerns like console stability and split screen performance or anything else the community has brought up time and time again.


If this were the case, then they would not have made the changes that they did.

If you’re attempting a speed run, losing charge and wiping on the crystals won’t ever be a thing you have to worry about. At best it might shave off a second or two to not have to start the charge from the very bottom.


I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but I didn’t see it in the hotfix notes and thought I would mention it here - it appears from my 2 runs of the GTD, not only do the crystals automatically charge to full on their own once you step on the crystal platform, BUT ALSO they charge faster if you do in fact stand on the platform.

I’d say this is a very solid change to an annoying part of the GTD that is worth the devs considering making permanent, but it still doesn’t make the GTD fun.

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So you’re saying they continue to charge once you are off the platform?

I don’t think that was probably intentional, lol.