Borderlands 3 Hotfix [01/16/2020] & Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Event!

Those got a health reduction in the last hotfix, though you might have missed it because it called them Anointed Enforcers (Militants is their name on higher levels, Enforcers is what they are called when you first encounter them in normal mode).

Make Hellwalker your exception. I’ve been running a Hellwalker/Maggie build in TVHM/M4 for quite a while now and I just ran SS with the hotfix applied and the accuracy/crit bonus is noice! :grin: For shield/flesh enemies it used to be 2-3 shots now it’s 1 with overkill and a more reliable 2 without it. The bottom line is when it comes to multi-pellet low accuracy guns don’t under estimate how effective accuracy is at increasing DPS.

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If GB is going to make it use six times the ammo at least have the decency to incorporate a way to extend the ammo carrying capacity. Perhaps a RL specific anointment.

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Yay lets buff that one and only build stronger than toss out build diversity

Just trying the takedown now, but as the cannon is showing the increased ammo consumption, I think it is live. (I’m UK too)

Why do they even bother at all? Leave it to GB to completely ruin a franchise. There was nothing wrong with most gear they have nerfed. They truly want this game to be alike work, like a job. Work all day and get nothing out of it. Drop rates are pathetic, nerfs are out of control.
BL is quickly becoming a game not worth bothering with. 6 Ammo, really? The lagged reload time is bad enough. Why even put the weapon in the game at all.


They put it in to sell dlc. Plain and simple as that. Way to ruin any hype and excitement for the event…and the game


I’m really starting to question this myself. I see people posting millions in damage. I’ve never seen that. All this nerf to the Ion Cannon is going to do for me is make the event a lot less enjoyable. It’s not infrequent that against the enemies with a physical shield they take negligible damage, unless I get it under their shield. There’s a lot of times you can end up wasting ammo with an Ion Cannon and get nothing for the shot. It was powerful, finally a rocket launcher that really felt like it was doing something! Now it feels like wasted inventory space. Now, I have to work harder to do the same thing. That’s just less enjoyable. I’ll figure it out, but really, why even put it in game? And if this is the pattern Gearbox plans ad nauseam (and it is a pattern at this point), it’s starting to make me question playing. It’s been “fun”, but gosh Gearbox, this is getting to be a bit much.


True, they did the same thing before the game came out. They show you all these kool builds and gear to get you to purchase it, then once they have your money the controlling behavior takes over and they destroy the game, take away all the reason you bought the game. it is truly getting out of control. I was stupid and bought the Deluxe version that comes with all the DLC’s, but i will never fall for their bull again. All of this is PROOF they just don’t listen and JUST DON’T care. The forums are over run with people upset about drop rates, nerfs and game play grinding, and they keep making it even worse


Could just buff the other heavy weapons or slightly nerf the Ion Cannon :man_shrugging:


This is because they only listen to the elitists and streamers. The ones who look 24 hours a day for ways to get viewers. GB needs to be listening to the gamer who bought this game, not the Streamers and You-tubers who make money from videos showing how to abuse the game. It is truly pathetic.


It is their scam. Purposely release DLC with cool new gear, get people to talk about it, get more people back in game and buying DLC’s. Weeks later, Now nerf that gear into the ground.
We can’t have them enjoying the game. That would be against company policy after all.

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Not trying to be a downer on Gearbox, because I’ve spent a lot of time (and money ) on the Borderlands games, but Borderlands3 has really seemed like they have pretty well disregarded what “average joe” is actually doing. And the irony to me is that the story line seems to warn heavily what happens when a highly vocal and visible minority ruins a world (an entire universe, actually). It feels like Gearbox is completely missing this irony. (I’ve stated this a lot more elegantly in other posts previously.)


Wow, that is a really great take. Your so right

To me the Irony will be when all the elitist and streamers move on to better games. BG will be left with no streamers and a pissed off majority who are done with their games and control issues. Most of us bought this game to relieve some stress from everyday life. Kill some guys, get some loots, farm some loots, try out new build based on loot, rinse and repeat. Nerfs and Very poor drop rates make this impossible, The game is no longer enjoyable. The truth is that this game was only enjoyable for 2 weeks after release before the control started.


Exactly. This is macrotransactions behind a paywall.
Nerf stuff in base game.
Release some of the best gear in paid dlc.
Not to mention dlc has 100% dedicated drop rates while the base game has terrible dedicated drop rates.
All while all these content creators do all their marketing for them for free talking about how op all the new weapons are.
Dlc sales are great
Nerf dlc
Now are we going to see the next dlc released with op weapons just to see them nerfed after the sales slow down


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I could see some companies mistakenly think this might be a “sustainable” model, to boost sales. And then, once all the DLC is out, go back and pump things up to how it was so everyone will go and finally pay for a digital copy out of the “bargain bin” to eek the last bit of cash out of the cow. Boy, that’s a pretty bleak and cynical idea…


Little late with the drop rates increase for me. Done with farming for nothing. I am not getting hooked again thinking the items I am looking for are going to drop. Plus every friend on my friend list have moved on to other games and now the game just sucks playing solo without the gear to play solo. Just not fun anymore


If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s best not to post. Every change hasn’t been for ‘‘elitists’’ it’s for the masses that study streamers builds and copy their build. It’s 1 damn gun, pick another. Oh and was i t not mentioned immediately on discovery Ion would get nerfed. Refer 2 sentences back if you are still confused.