Borderlands 3 Hotfix [01/23/2020]


Hotfixes are actually applied to on the Main Menu. They’ve finished applying when you see the sign on the post that says “Hotfix Applied”.
We are continuing to work on performance updates in the game.

Gamma burst buff is really welcome, gamma is one of my favorite builds in the game. Is there any word on some of FL4K’s other bugs though? It’s frustrating having to explain to new FL4K players that e.g., Hunter’s Eye gives less damage than it says, Interplanetary Stalker doesn’t get the correct bonus from big game or the cosmic stalker class mod (which is literally named after it!), Stackbot resets when the wind blows, headcount can reset your cooldowns sometimes, etc. We’ve had a list of FL4K bugs on the forum for a while, and it’s not even exhaustive. Any word on these issues would be huge. Thanks!


We are! It’s something that we’re still working on. We mentioned it here first. :slight_smile:


We’re aware and are working on addressing it!


I HIGHLY recommend that you and all the other FL4K-ers :grin: report these issues as individual issues via official support channels. Because though GBX may or may not read the forums, 2K probably doesn’t and bringing attention to these issues to 2K will help bolster support to getting them fixed within GBX. I bring this perspective to you as someone who has reported multiple issues and have had some of them fixed.

The official channels are and The GBX branded one no longer seems to go directly to GBX and is instead routed to 2K.

For context, I’ve provided the same advice to someone else and the following is the status of their issue thus far …

Good luck!


Good to know. Any thing that can be done to reduce lag is paramount for me if that means longer load times Ill take it and make a sandwich/pee break at loads. But if it can be handled on both fronts that would be awesome. Im looking forward to these “looking into” fixes being made hopefully sooner than later, Im sure you are too so you dont have to field the same questions every week of Coop fixes and console performance.

Zane’s Trick of the Light Ability puts a cryo status effect on Zane when ever he self damages thus slowing him. Any progress on that issue?


I would also like to know this.
Also, next episode of the Borderlands Show?


Very glad to see the GB Anointment also being brought up to par with the others. Well done.

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Hey I got auto pick-up for shield boosters in the game…or did I?

Haha, nah, I legit did make the first BL3 thread requesting that feature and it gained some traction. Boom, about a month later it was in the game.

Good job! Those chests needed a better reward. Make me feel a little less soul-depleted after I spend some minutes running thru for a 0.003% chance class mod. Hurray! Seriously.

They are super fun too, imo.


My lost loot is not working for characters that never bought a lost loot SDU. Just thought I should report that!

Make sure you are not on coopitition mode. Lost loot won’t work on that mode.


That might be it!

keep it up gearbox.


@Noelle_GBX yes need to make it able to choose level because even on solo no mayhem still impossible to get through… nothing different no matter what level i am on… same number enemies as if i were with my team mates on level 4

Hopefully one day all the loot chests will contain all max lvl 50 gear. I’ve already found two nice anointed weapons lvl 49 and I kinda don’t wanna open them because of it. Lol if I finally get a sentinel Cryo Maggie and it’s a lvl 49 I may have to go get some blood pressure meds…


@Noelle_GBX What’s up with the red chests staying open after you’ve opened them once? It also affects the ‘lesser’ chests too, although I’ve noticed they don’t stay open for quite as long. Thanks.

So it’s already in effect? At the time of this comment it’s 7:34pm PST. I did 2 of the trials, got all the boxes ticked, went to open the chests and got crap epic weapons… This was 2 hours ago.

Seriously, Noelle. The nerfs to FL4K’S Unblinking Eye and Guerillas in the Mist absolutely NEED to be removed, especially since you keep buffing other builds