Borderlands 3 Hotfix [01/30/2020] - Rare Chest Riches Event

Awesome! Very happy that drop rates are improving. Was planning to take a long break after January, but seems I won’t have to!

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Time to check out some online maps for where all those red chests are hidding.
Glad to see that player feedback is being read and considered towards hotfix/patch changes. As a player, it feels good to feel listened to by you developers. :+1:
Stay awesome GBX.

Kill everyone as in the guardians to the left of you when you save/quit spawn outside of her area?

Holy gosh the legendary‘s are dropping all of a sudden. Thank you so much gearbox, you rock!!

So no update or event for stadia users? How disappointing!


Easily done!


I’m going to say something unpopular: I think chest-focused event is a mistake.

It immediately funnels player into an “open as many chests as possible per minute” mindset. Given that there are quite a few chests that are right next to FastTravel stations and don’t even require any meaningful combat to get to (Droughts, Reliance), it becomes very quick save/reload farm.

Why is it bad? Anything else after that is a letdown as far as rewards go and you are already conditioned to have this level of reward for miniscule effort… There is no gameplay component: it’s just opening chests. Next logical evolution - 2 week event that gives you a button in Sanctuary (or a new chest) that you can open once per minute with awesome loot inside.

I don’t know - I’m worried what it will do long term to player mindset and expectations.

Edit: it looks like chests are on cooldown timer or something like that, which might help with some of my concerns, as it shifts incentive towards: ‘progress the story and/or visit chests guarded by enemies/bosses’, i.e. it’s not a simple save/quitting exercise.


In 15 minutes I have already found better and more (frequent) legendaries than I did during the entire previous event. I think I can say so far, “this one is working”. The patches and choices made by Gearbox this time are (so far) very, very much appreciated.

(In caps because no matter how many times its pointed out, it still keeps happening, frequently.)
1/10 of all the items I have picked up are level 49 - One Out Of Every Ten. (Chest or drops)
I get to toss an otherwise perfectly useable Refined Projectile Recursion because of this.

PS. Know the single largest source of level 49 items*? CHESTS.
Yup, the very thing currently being promoted during this event.

*Based on actual game play with a level 50 character.


As nice as it is that they gave us our pre nerfed drop rates back. Let’s not forget that this game still crashes on consoles and the online is laggy as hell, with crappy splitscreen. So basically still a poorly optimized game 5 months after release.

That is all, thanks.


Your so right - unpopular opinion. but yours and respected.

Disregarding any of your comments (not disrespectfully) - a whole lot of gear coming out of chests is level 49. Currently during this event so far I’m nearly at 1-in-4 to 1-in-10 pieces from chests being level 49, legendary or otherwise. Close to 25% to 10% of what I’m seeing inside chests is level 49, on TVHM M4 at level 50. You can even end up with level 49 items from the Golden Chest. This is the worst I’ve seen yet since the game launched.

(Other people’s experiences may be different, I’m just reporting what I am seeing first hand. Those are the only things I can directly comment on.)

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As much as I agree with you on those issues and it does piss me off that it has taken this long for issues that should have been resolved prelaunch, I don’t think they can be resolved in a hotfix. My guess is there will be a proper patch sometime after the Borderlands show on the 11th. They know the community is not happy with the lag and split screen issues. They know if they want to have the game have longevity like BL2 did they need to address it. Im sure they know a lot is riding on if they fix these game breakers.

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Why do you need to toss it though? If you have not had one before and you needed/wanted it for your build, I suspect it’s MUCH better compared to not having it at all, if half of the things I’ve read about it are true. At the end of the day it’s RNG, so it’s just like not getting exact element, prefix, or anointment. IMHO.

If you have better one already, then sure, may be selling it makes sense.

Somewhat related - when you are leveling up, do you insist on only having guns at your level?

No, but I don’t like running purple more than 5 levels, I’ll run legendaries up to ten levels low if I have to. If I’m forced into using blue and green I try to keep them at level if at all possible. There are situations you encounter that can make them less than desirable at times.

That piece in particular, I’m going to hold onto for a bit, just in case. But unfortunately I already have hundreds of banked “just in case” legendaries on my main account and an alt I use for storage. (Most of the gear I run has come from stuff I banked just because it looked like maybe it might be serviceable and got pulled back out of storage.) I do already have more than half a dozen of them that are 50, and arguably “better”.

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I don’t mean to sound rude but with xcloud coming late this year I would expect Google stadia to not be around that long might not be worth gearboxes money and resources given how small the player base likely is

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You are right, let’s also scrap the PlayStation and computer version also then. No need for any other platform then xcloud right?

Just my two cents on the whole Stadia thing but I haven’t hear any nice things about it. Last news I seen Stadia hasn’t gotten an update for some time

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Let’s NOT do platform wars, eh? No need for that.


Ahhhh. Im never gunna get to use my wii remote nunchucks. :rage:


The only thing i will say about platforms, since this has gone in that direction is enough is enough. it is like the streaming wars. There is only so much money to go around. Everyone wants it and it saturates the market. Before it is over many of those streaming services will be belly up. The average person can only afford 3-4 of those streaming services, after that you may as well go back to cable. Yet there are now 12+ streaming services and they will not all service.
So platforms for gaming are the same way. You can only have so many. We had PC, then PS4, Xbox, Steam, Epic - How many can the gaming world support and at what point will developers say enough. Developers at some point will say no more, who wants to program a game for 8 -10 platforms.