Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [02/11/2021] - Broken Hearts Day 2021

Does anyone know if you still can claim these rewards later? I don’t really feel like farming for a Wedding Invitation with a good anointment when it does so little damage now.

You can if you do NOT claim it as of now.

Also there’s ways you can farm it infinitely but i can’t tell you this haha that’s against the rules :wink:

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Once you’ve gotten all the hearts you can redeem it whenever you want, even after the event is over. That’s how some people had gotten lv. 65 M10 Wedding Invitations previously, they just kept some saves that had it ready to redeem.


What to do if Hearts truly is broken!?? CANNOT get the damn event to start. Too much time fixing console kids? Well here’s an old man trying to play old school on a PC and I would some loving…

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Still too many issues across all platforms to assume where they have allocated their time. Ask anyone trying to play multiplayer with a XB1X how them console fixes have went? Or someone trying to transfer a save from PS4 TO PS5? Or the HUD slider or stuttering on PC?

We all need some loving at this point . . .


Make sure you wait long enough at the main menu for the hotfix to load. I’m assuming it’s running the same as last time, so you should see hearts appear along with the hotfix sign and - when you go talk to Maurice - he should have the heart antennae thing on.

And please leave the digs at other platforms and their users at home - ta muchly.


I wholeheartedly agree; no argument there.

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Done that a few times and nothing. No digs more than an OSG (Old School Gamer) blowing off some steam. You’ve the scenes where vault hunter blows on message cassettes - pure NES 64

Kicking it old school - that brought back more than a few memories.

And just in case, if you’re running any PC mods, maybe check with them turned off and after a full restart

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Well to be fair if you get one now, if they buff it it will have the buff even then and we don’t really have a lv cap increase coming soon so…
Btw I tried it for the first time this year and it surprised me that is does so much when on the card its on par with a Monocle. For my experience its not much worse than a skullsmasher or unseen threat, heck this thing goes BOOM

Interesting… I’ll have to give that a try. Of course, I won’t have time until Monday, and my luck will be they will fix that by then.

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While there are issues with the event (two of my characters can’t claim awards grr) what’s kinda cool is that the hearts show up in Arms Race. The exploding elemental hearts can help a lot and the loot hearts (and loot ghosts spawned by the ghost hearts) can drop a bunch of purple gear and a legendary or two which makes clearing the round easy heh.


The card damage fooled me too, it was better than I thought, though it didn’t feel as powerful as it was last year


Is all of zanes anointments still broken?

Also make sure the event is enabled. If you turned it off last year it may be loading in disabled by default. It’ll be in the menu before you load into your save.

Pretty much this, good accuracy and handling is generally the main reason why one would use a DAHL in the first place. If I want a SMG with high damage and bad handling I would go for a fast firing Maliwan, speaking of which:

It most likely is, one can forget about putting some details into the patch notes but the weapon stats don’t change themselves. Also, the Crit would have needed way more than just the change listed above so I’m ok with the damage buff.


I’m still unable to get my Broken Hearts rewards. None appear in my mailbox. I have broke 100 hearts already and Maurice gave me updates on my progress until I completed them all. All the chests in the menu are opened from last year’s event too.

Anyone have any solutions? I’ve tried disabling the event and re-enabling it again.

It should be directly in your inventory after opening the chest from the rewards screen. But if your having an issue with the chest still being claimed from last year then thats another issue entirely. Sounds like some gearbox poo poo.

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I think so since that’s how it was even before completing the 100 broken hearts tasks.