Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [02/11/2021] - Broken Hearts Day 2021

Yeah, do it on another character.

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Just finished up the 100 hearts with a level 40 FL4K and was looking forward to trying out a Wedding Invitation on him. Bummer, they are locked at lvl 53 and above. Why the hell would they do this?

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Because originally they were only available at the then max level of 53, so they slapped a corresponding minimum spawn level on them. And then didn’t change the code afterwards.

I believe the original reason for the level 53 only was because they new the level would be going up not too long after the event finished; by locking it at the time it meant none of the original event items would fall too far behind on the increase.

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I still have a couple of those 53s from last year. Too bad they got lazy on this. After the nerf it’s not so great to use at higher levels but might have been fun at lower non-mayhem levels. I guess I could have stayed out of mayhem through the 50s and gotten some sense of how it worked. :roll_eyes: Maybe next time.

I don’t understand why GB is so lazy, TBHE was the cherry on top for me after nerfing the Tediore guns which helped make Arms Races fun. Why not fix the 99% of the guns you can’t use because there useless at M10. Also after the Tweet " Do you what to shoot some pig cops this weekend " I completely lost all respect for GB when they didn’t remove him. If I would have know about this Tweet I earlier would have never have purchased season 2. Wake up Gb