Borderlands 3 Hotfix [03/05/2020]

hahha well, at least they’re buffed. Next time i find one, i’ma be trying it out.

Hey @Noelle_GBX, any updates to Vertical Splitscreen?
There’s a whole thread about this that has gone ignored by devs and we’re starting to feel hopeless:


:joy: I’ll move it just for you.


That will have to be addressed in a patch. Unfortunately, we’re not able to make that change in hotfixes.


That sounds nice.

Someone is gonna do an anti-freeze gun-jumping Zane meme-build and it’s gonna be absolutely amazing.

Never felt like it really needed a buff but I sure as heck won’t complain about it.

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Seeing as GBX is currently on the right lane and buffing rather than nerfing Id pick up any thing with anoints you use even if they are currently trash tier.

I also have an odd suspicion that the airborne anoints are the next anoints to see a buff or some sort of relevance with either a 2.0 modifier or a low grav zone/boss in the DLC. I could be wrong there and they could just be bad design decisions. But they feel too out of place to not be something that they plan on exploring

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God I hope not, it’s the best thing ever. :joy:

the shotgun had okay damage, but the standard firing mode was “ok” at best in m4. Most welcomed addition.

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Don’t get used to it! :wink:

@Noelle_GBX Thanks for these hotfixes guys, it’s cool you’re buffing up some of the weapons that were lacking.
Can you please find out whether or not the Head Count cooldown bug is being looked at? These buffs are great, but it would be nice to have some of the fundamentals fixed before Mayhem 2.0!

This must have been a priority to them.

Amara need some love, the phaseslam anointed only works with the basic skill.


Alternatively, something they could fix with the resources that they had, that could fit in a hotfix vs. a patch.


Another round of weapon buffs! I really hope the Garcia gets checked out soon, even something like reducing ammo per shot to one could make a huuuge difference.

bwahahaha I’m not gonna lie it is entertaining watching them fly out of orbit :rofl:

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Just nice to see smaller issues being addressed in the weeks between larger content releases. No expectations.

Hey Noelle - is the team aware that with the modifier “enemies shoot an additional 2 projectiles per shot”, the barrier often doenst block certain things? For example, it seems that badass Militant Radiation Rockets will cause DOT damage or even health gate zane on mayhem 4, causing Calm Cool Collected to be impossible until the target is removed. Is it intended that the barrier can be penetrated in these circumstances?

Another week, same question:

Any reports of a fix for Means of Destruction(Gunner skill) in the future?


Please dont go back to nerfs. Learn from what gets yall good will from the community Loot events and buffs. Even if after all this you bumped enemy difficulty (not sponginess actual difficulty with better ai on dodging, moving, and aiming) people wouldnt be as pissed as they would to a nerf of any kind. There is no PVP here let us have fun and feel like Tyreen never could.


We are looking at it! We are also gathering and investigating other skills that might not be working as intended as well.


Another week of underwhelming tweaks, meanwhile major issues like Mozes buggy Means of Destructuon on Ps4 ,which is her only way of sustainment, being ignored as usual.