Borderlands 3 Hotfix [03/12/2020]

No. they also added a cooldown between procs. MoD is very much broken esp on ps4

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Probably won’t get an answer BUT Is the Linc finally able to come with an anoint or nay? Haven’t played in a long while but would come back to farm the Linc if it has been fixed.

Yes, I’m aware MoD sometimes doesn’t work properly on PS4. But the re-trigger delay doesn’t make much of a difference when MoD is working correctly in terms of grenade regen.


My point was MoD got broken and started having problems with that patch back in October and has been inconsistent/ broken since then. The reason for it I have no idea , just know the source and I wish it would go back to working 100% of the time again.


I was with you until you said that Maliwan Snipers can’t compete with Vladof Snipers. A proton rifle certainly can compete with a droog. The high fire rate will not be all that advantageous when youre mobbing and running out of ammo. Mobs definitely don’t drop ammo the way they did in BL 2.

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It should now be receiving last week’s hotfix:

so just one question that I don’t think has been asked, what exactly changed with the Jabbermogwai’s drop rate? (asking for a friend, jk, I just like slaughtering the little monkey by waves and waves of ice induced clones)

-Addressed a reported concern that the Jabbermogwai was sometimes not dropping loot at the correct rate

It received damage. Like, a lot of damage. Triple the damage of a normal (post-buff) one. And no fire rate bonus. There’s a comparison screenshot in the post you replied to, the one asking if this was intentional. The only thing the “Boom” Sickle lacked compared to the normal one before today’s hotfix was the fire rate, it already had the same damage that last week’s hotfix provided.

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Maliwan snipers that aren’t the Antimatter Rifle perform okay at short/medium distances when you hip fire them, but when used like actual snipers they’re not so good anymore. Vladof snipers are much more versatile.

This is how hotfixes work :slight_smile:
We also just added a date to the current hotfixes to a news item in-game. We’ll be updating that day to the most current hotfixes once they start rolling out each week.

Note: This hotfix list is being rolled out in stages today, with all of them applying by tomorrow morning. We have added today’s date, though, as the gun hotfixes are in and active.


It’s going to drop more-- BUT there is a delay with this hotfix, so it is not active yet. We are rolling this week’s hotfixes out differently, but all of them should be applied by tomorrow morning.


ok great, thanks Noelle, that’s what I was hoping for. and thanks for letting me know that that part of the fix isn’t in effect quite yet.

OMG! You’re my hero!!! Wish I could <3 this post more than once. Thank you @Noelle_GBX and GBX.


I wish they could do something to help with the ammo consumption of Dahl and Vladof sniper rifles specifically. Their effictiveness per shot is so much more painful than a Jakob’s. I know that is the foundation of Jakob’s weapon platforms but the difference is a little extreme with the addition of crit ricochet. I would love to see 100% damage increase and 50% fire rate reduction on all Dahl and Vladof sniper rifles.

I see my weapons buffed so I must have the hotfix active.
I spent the last hour farming mogwai with fire weapons, and in over 100 drops I haven’t got a single hellfire. Is that normal?

*100 legendary drops

The weapon buffs are active, but the rest will be rolling out throughout the rest of the night.


I think this is a very good improvement, keeps us on our toes.

However, it doesn’t (and can’t by itself) address a challenge in BL3’s basic structure.
BL3 really doesn’t require any side missions.
BL1, BL2, and TPS all, effectively, required the player to do side missions to reach story mission level at points in a playthrough. You had to go do something to get ready for the next stage.

BL3, not so much. Having gone through Story 13 times now, I find that an average player does not need to do, or can do minimal, side missions. Your story mode playthrough keeps you pretty much current, there are many jumps you need to make.
Prometha, where Story jumps from lvl 12 to lvl 17, is the only place I ever think about doing side missions for XP, and KillaVolt is right there to help you.

Obviously addressing this would be a major undertaking since it affects the flow and balance of the whole game, so I don’t think it’ll be addressed.

But what can be addressed is progress through DLCs. Give us a real reason to do sides, and that, coupled with side rebalancing, would encourage us to do more sides.

Only the last one killed has a chance to drop it.

wait, what? This wasn’t the case early on in the game (I farmed multiple hellfire in the same sessions lots of times).

I thought there was something about having to damage him with fire before he hits the water and then killing one with the same fire weapon to get a hellfire? I’m probably wrong, but I know I heard this somewhere.