Borderlands 3 Hotfix [03/12/2020]

I did one yesterday and got couple anointed.

I gave up to refarm everything for every VH due to low drop rates. Will wait with that for (hopefuly) changes in Mayhem 2.0


I’ve been running it a least twice a day ( PS4 M4 ) and have been getting the usual mix .


i shouldnt be surprised, since day one all my loot pool seems to consist of is a woodblovker, firestorm and hellwaker i dont get any other weapons, after doing the takedown well over 700 times since it was introduced i havent had 1 redistribtor, i had to buy the maliwan takedown weapons i had, the game refused to drop them for me. Also my enemies arent dying since this hotfix, i take 100% sheild and health off and they keep getting back up, so after i kill the valkaries i move on past the shield but then the enemies there dont die and the shield door top left wont open because the enemies are zombies and keep going hahah driving me mad this game.

Yeah I’ve run into a few invincible enemies on the bridge before Wotan .
I also feel your pain with the world drops they are definitely to frequent for a end game activity. Hopefully they come up with something to make it better.

No it didn’t, you failed to let the hotfix load.


There’s one. On the main menu, bottom left. The “news” thing. The first one (it cycle thru) now tell which hotfix you’re on.

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^ This. Was added into the queue with this hotfix - a nice feature!


lol let the hotfix load. you just rage quite for no reason

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Yeah they added it right after I made the suggestion :slight_smile:


Everyone is loving the weapon buffs and I am here unable to play.

General * Addressed a reported concern that was causing Typhon to sometimes be a potential blocker in “Shadow of Starlight”

Hello, I am typing this out here to let you know all that I have tried and what happened for me. I submitted a support ticket but I could not type everything due to the character limit.
The bug has occurred for me on 03/14/20, after the hotfix.
At first, Typhon would not move after he reaches the Eden-6 platform and now he has reverted to a previous position, to the room where you activate a lever and several platforms grow out the ground. His audio still triggers every time you progress past the platforms and Tyreen spawns waves of bandits but there is no way to force Typhon past the room after the raised platforms. If you down yourself near the bandits and Typhon is close enough to raise you he will but then runs back to were he stopped after tricking him up the platforms. The quest description says to follow Typhon but it is already marked as completed.

What I have tried:

  • Died and respawned.
  • Switch characters.
  • Jumped off the edges for instant death.
  • Joined multiplayer game and completed the quest, returned to my game and it reverts to the previous “Follow Typhon” and marked completed. Two separate games.
  • Joined a game where I completed the final mission with them, it still did not allow me to pass my stuck position.
  • Downed myself, Typhon will jump up the platforms to raise me but will not progress past the next room.
  • Created a new character and later switched back.
  • Returned to Sanctuary and completed quests.
  • Deleted all files and re-installed.
  • Played on-line and off-line.
  • Traveled to other planets via the map and through the ship interface.

This has occurred on the first game mode so I am not able to reset the quests like in true vault hunter mode. Other comments from 5+ months ago say that by completing the quest in someone else’s game it should progress yours, but I am still stuck after doing so.

At the moment I am level 40 with 24+ hours of game time.

A couple of ideas for fixes:

  • Allow us to reset the quests on normal vault hunter mode, the characters would be overpowered but it would allow us to keep 20-30 hours of playtime.
  • Have the platforms accept the keys without having Typhon follow us, so it triggers the next phase.
  • Allow us to reset the main quest manually through the in-game menu quest selection.

Edit: I am on the original PS4, I believe the model that was 3 years after launch, before the slim/pros came out. I did state I was on the original PS4 with the support ticket. All system updates have been completed and I have even formatted and cleaned up the system. The game is stored on an extended device (8 TB external hard-drive) but I have also stored the game onto the main system to no avail.

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Read your post not long ago and learned about it … Not long ago! :smiley:
Thanks to @VaultHunter101 I guess. Figured it worth a reply. Just in case.

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well things were going good until today . have been playing with my dad and we bot experienced a network error. it kicks us out of game and sets us off line and wont let us reconnect to shift. went through support and found a fix by running dxsetup, and to other c++ setups . but that only fixed it one and now were back to square one

@Noelle_GBX yeah would be nice despite that i use gtx 1050 i should still be able to run it even a little better than i currently am :thinking:

This 100%, All M4 (or wherever the M4 mods will be put in 2.0) need to be as awesome as the Driver if they are to be gated behind a difficulty.

Raging bear is cool in concept but makes you too reliant on the action skill and you get more milage regardless of Action skill state with other mods.

Antifreze is ok if you are good at sliding but sliding is an awkward mechanic to trigger and then aim and shoot. So outside of oneshot boss builds its a bit pointless. An immunity would make it a bit OP but Id give it:
When action skill is active you are frozen (or whatever term you want to use for iced). Not sure what the slow rate is for frozen but the speed boost needs to make you faster while under the effect so you can still sprint.

I don’t see the problem. You’re still vulnerable to other damage types.

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Hey everyone, you might experience some difficulty when trying to connect to SHiFT for Matchmaking, receiving hotfixes, or redeeming Golden Keys today. The team is pushing out some updates to the SHiFT servers to increase stability.

If you see that your guns are doing less damage, hotfixes aren’t applying, etc, it’s probably related to this.


The game forced me to change my screen name after the Steam update … I’d like to have the same name I’ve always had.

I did a run through of MT and was wondering why I was draining more bullets into trash mobs than usual. My while sntnl cryo anoint went from 100 to 50. I though that all hotfix changes prior to the patch were to be hard coded in. I dont mind going to my pre buff guns but thats kinda messed up to keep that(and any other anoints didnt test them though) as a hotfix thing after a patch was supposed to keep it.

Is it possible to change Amara’s Guardian Angel skill to activate at the end of FFYL (or manually by pressing Action Skill button)? In most cases this skill is useless, because you can easily gain Second Wind by killing weakened enemy and skill is on cooldown when you really need it.

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Just an update to my issue, support did contact me and confirmed that the 03/12/2020 Hotfix was supposed to fix Typhon but obviously it did not for me. I sent them 2 videos that hopefully will help others who are stuck on the quest Shadow of Starlight.

Guess I will start another character, see you in the Borderlands!