Borderlands 3 Hotfix [03/12/2020]

Seems they nerfed the lob back to original state.

You probably didn’t let the hotfix load.


Is there any news about fixing the Wotan upper-half-disappears glitch? I know it is not in this hotfix, but I’m just wondering if it is coming any time soon.

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Report on Hunter’s Eye:

Hunter’s Eye was fixed, at least partially. Armor Damage is now correctly 30%. The Human Crit boost still doesn’t apply to Megavore crits, and what’s more, it also became (or has been since some unknown patch/hotfix) a 30% Post Add Crit Boost. This means its actual value is now double of what’s listed on the card, but it adds onto the main crit formula and faces some diminishing returns. It’s still an unlisted Hunt Skill.

Some Beasts not being Beasts and some Humans not being Humans is probably still an issue. The Damage Reduction % should be fine.

So it’s placed like this in the Crit Formula now, which might result in it being worse off than before:

(HuntersEyeHuman x 2) + 2 * [(1 + SniperBonus) x (1 + WeaponCardBonus) x (1 + ManufacturerBonus) x (1 + Skills + Others)]


Actually I am excited for it too.

Hello @Noelle_GBX
Thank you and please thanks all the teams behind the mirror working in shadows to improve BL3 for us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:

So we get amazing buffs those last weeks, but it seems one weapon deserves some love from devs… this the Bitch, which already was far under equivalent SMGs (I’m thinking of Cheap Tips, Boomer, Redistributor…etc) and is now completly useless even with the top tier anointments…

So please, have a word for me on that point the next time you meet devs teams, and congrat them all for the good work so far :metal:t2: :love_letter:

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Yes GBX ! You really are listening !THANK YOU :->

We’re working on it because that’s hekkin annoying.


Please buff the following guns:

  • Hellwalker Jakobs shotgun because DOOM! (and the Sickle simply outclasses this now).
  • Bitch Hyperion SMG (Damage is laughable. Buff both damage and crit damage).
  • Alien Barrel snipers. ALL of them! (Yes also Malak’s bane. It’s still bad).
  • Alien Barrel SMGs. ALL of them!
  • Alien Barrel Tediore Shotguns (they are really bad compared to the other alien barrel shotguns).
  • Pestilence COV Pistol (increase the nova damage to something usable and possibly increase the gun damage)
  • Scorpio XL (cool, they finally fixed the bug. Unfortunately this doesn’t do ANY damage and the turrets are made out of paper mache) increase damage and health of the turret.
  • Legendary Tediore guns in general (Let’s be honest, they all suck. Only the Long musket is somewhat useful).
  • Magnificent Vladof Pistol (Doesn’t do any damage, waste of ammo).
  • Jericho Vladof Rocket Launcher. It lacks damage if you compare it to other RLs. No one really uses it. Probably also because of the team damage bug.

Buff or rework useless class mods so we don’t rely on 1 or 2 class mods. Can only speak for Zane though because I don’t play the other VHs.

  • Techspert
  • Shockerator
  • Cold Warrior

These are kinda useful but are not great compared to Seein Dead.

  • Executor: could use a buff in the bonuses.
  • Give Antifreeze immunity to Cryo damage and slow effect

Thanks - I appreciate the response.

Roisen’s Thorn is petty darn good now.

This isn’t unachievable Gearbox. You have people who deal with User Interface, and people who deal with Information Design (you should really have at least one person on your team who can) - get those people talking and please create a usable system to let us know what is applied. You made that screen more than just a menu, please make it an effective tool. That first screen is an important place. You can make better use of it.

Since this hotfix has anyone else noticed that the Maliwan Takedon isnt dropping any anointed weapons? Yesterday i completed 50 solo runs and i didnt get 1 anointed weapon/shield, not a single 1, not from the valkaries, maliwan the invincible, enemies were dropping the odd legendary but again, none were anointed, im on ps4 all hotfix applied and online is it just me? Im trying to restock my weapons at lvl 53 and hopefully with some of the anointments my lvl 50 gear has but yesterday was a gigantic waste of 8 hrs.

I did one yesterday and got couple anointed.

I gave up to refarm everything for every VH due to low drop rates. Will wait with that for (hopefuly) changes in Mayhem 2.0


I’ve been running it a least twice a day ( PS4 M4 ) and have been getting the usual mix .


i shouldnt be surprised, since day one all my loot pool seems to consist of is a woodblovker, firestorm and hellwaker i dont get any other weapons, after doing the takedown well over 700 times since it was introduced i havent had 1 redistribtor, i had to buy the maliwan takedown weapons i had, the game refused to drop them for me. Also my enemies arent dying since this hotfix, i take 100% sheild and health off and they keep getting back up, so after i kill the valkaries i move on past the shield but then the enemies there dont die and the shield door top left wont open because the enemies are zombies and keep going hahah driving me mad this game.

Yeah I’ve run into a few invincible enemies on the bridge before Wotan .
I also feel your pain with the world drops they are definitely to frequent for a end game activity. Hopefully they come up with something to make it better.

No it didn’t, you failed to let the hotfix load.


There’s one. On the main menu, bottom left. The “news” thing. The first one (it cycle thru) now tell which hotfix you’re on.

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^ This. Was added into the queue with this hotfix - a nice feature!