Borderlands 3 Hotfix [04/02/20]

Appears the hotfixes somehow got mixed up in a weird way for me. I’ve cleared my cache and the droprates and vendor’s are back to normal.

@Noelle_GBX Is there a fix yet or talks about a fix for online play on consoles. I’m still having constant crashes, bugs, and unpleasant experiences. I know the teams are focusing on a lot of this but this game has been out for a while and many people including myself still can’t play online with friends. Can you guys please shift focuses from nerfs and buffs on characters and guns to networking. Or at least give a statement for a timeframe on when you’ll work on this. I’ve put in multiple tickets for help and no one has replied. And frankly I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking I wasted a hundred dollars on this game and season pass for a broken game that won’t get fixed ever, it kind of feels like the teams don’t care about the consumer end and only want to add what they want and don’t want to put work into fixing the underlying issues that have been in the spotlight since day one. Sorry for the rant but I can’t stay loyal to a team who won’t fix a major issue or won’t acknowledge it.


Do you mind sending me your Ticket Reference ID #s in a DM? I’d like to look into why nobody has responded to you. @Xalt


@RapZowsdower_GBX I sent a DM your way. But looking into my past tickets still doesn’t face the issue of the online connectivity issues that a lot of people are facing on consoles. Either PS4 or XB1, both parties are having issues and nothing is being done other than character and gun nerfs/buffs. It’s been how long since launch and these issues have still not been talked about nor fixed. Your consumer base is important now help them by fixing the crucial issues at hand not minor ones. I don’t care if the road map for the dlc has to be pushed back. Being able to experience the game without issues that should have been dealt with by now should be priority. Just look at Capcom with Monster Hunter World. Even with it’s huge updates they still continue to provide a great experience and their game is mainly online. I’m not asking for much o just want to be able to play the game the way it’s intended to be played not leave the game for months and come back to a broken mess.


@Noelle_GBX one of the adjustments I would love to see for Moze would be Click, Click giving a higher damage boost and not for when magazines get low but based on how full they are. This would make a lot more sense for the Bottomless Mags tree and be far more enjoyable for natural gameplay loops.

She could also do with some sustainment/life steal within that tree (not just from a class mod).

In any case, an enormous thanks to Gearbox for listening to the fans and remaining dedicated to developing the game. I hope you all stay safe and well in these times.

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It isn’t a buff. The 20% on the pearl wasn’t accurate. Check out this for how it works:

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Agreed on click click and lifesteal - the new com is a bandaid but it doesn’t do much for your damage so you miss out on a more damaging com, which I think BM Moze needs

Any news on when we can expect mayhem 2.0 ?

This sums it up for me perfectly. I farmed ion cannons just to see them become useless…all the while turning up my nose at Lobs. The the Lob becomes a must-have weapon, so farmed for it. Now it sounds like it could be garbage again. I don’t know what to farm, keep, or sell because it may become either useless or the next god-tier weapon. Just asking for consistency, GBX.

The lob is still really really good just a lot more click-intensive as it’s still semi auto with 1 orb per trigger pull.

But yeah I’m not keeping a bunch of ASMDs or Malaks banes around just incase they git gud.

Sorry, but no. I never used it and never felt it was “must have”.
There are more Great Weapons that people pay almost no attention and after random MM shows up with questions “what gun are You using?”.

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Ion cannon useless? Have you even tried it? I still use my lvl 53 one because I can oneshot wotan with it, still.
Also the lob it’s possibly even better now, you can spam it due to the adjusted fire rate.

Are we even playing the same game?

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Come on guys can we think things through and actually try them before spreading doomsday scenarios?

Just because an item gets adjusted doesn’t instantly make it trash.

The Lob just got buffed not nerfed.

Previously it was extremely inefficient with it’s damage and ammo. The 3 shot burst came with a lot of recoil that made it inaccurate. The 3 shot burst overkilled most things.

Now - Most things die in 1 orb anyways so you are saving a ton of ammo by not wasting 2 orbs on overkill. If it doesn’t die in 1 orb now you can rapid fire as many as you need with extreme accuracy and no waste.

This is literally a huge buff to the efficiency of the weapon without touching it’s stopping power at all.

Actually this makes it way better for the clone. The clone suffers from guns whos recoil is big and doesn’t reset. Since the recoil of this gun resets every shot very quickly the Clone has no issues staying on target. And now it can accurately and very quickly spam shots (it does best with fire rate weapons).


It is in a lot of cases. It woks better with Overkill now, You can take three shots relativly the same pace but its easier to recover the recoil after each shot.

You are not alone in the way you feel about how things have been handled.


Yeah I meant to make that point as well since it’s based now on 1 projectile it works much better with Overkill. This was a buff in every conceivable way.

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One thing I don’t understand is how slow the balancing effort is going.

While I understand that class is a bit more difficult to balance, the game has been going for a long time, with minimal change, and barely any effort to correct some of the blatant problem of balance (appart from throwing in a mod that “fix” what ought not to be broken to begin with).

The part I understand a lot less is weapon balance. Changing the card damage so that weapon are, let’s not say good, but at last not pointless is the easiest and most effortless action there is.

And despite how simple this is, this whole weapon balancing thing is advancing at a snail path.

Yup even with consecutive hits the 3rd shot would often go over the head due to the kick. Would love if they added about 2-3 yards to its distance.

Yeah, using overkill with the lob before was tricky, to say the least. As other people have pointed out already, if anything this is a huge buff for the lob.

This whole bitching and crying for “buuhuhuh my nerfs :frowning: bad gbx” was old and annoying already for the flakker, and it is even worse now, especially due to the huge amounts of buffs that gbx pulled off recently.

The sickle is a good example on how this can be difficult for a lot of guns where a prefix or some parts can really make an awesome gun into some crazy levels or where only one set of parts is good and the rest is still sub par. They have to go on a gun by gun basis and in this game that can be a huge. Not to many cross the board buffs like the DAHL ARs are possible.