Borderlands 3 Hotfix [04/02/20]

I was finally able to test the new Lob–I only had about an hour of time to play, so at this point I’m not going to form a final opinion–I’ll need more time with it. For me, the gun did not perform as well as it did before when it had three orbs–it definitely took more shots to kill enemies and my ammo consumption was much higher than before. I do think that accuracy in hitting targets is a weakness of mine, so it could simply be that it was easier for me to hit targets with three orbs because the radius of fire was greater–that’s more of a reflection of me rather than the gun itself (though even when I was directly hitting enemies it still felt like it took many more shots to take an enemy out, especially when in FFYL). At this point rather than saying the gun has been nerfed, I’ll just say the changes to the weapon have made it less effective for me based on my playstyle but that does not mean the opposite isn’t true for others.

I Think the event is only for the Trials, not the Slaughters.

As far as nerfs go… this isn’t one?

Now if it only takes one shot to kill an enemy, you are no longer required to spend 3 ammo. If it took more than 3 shots to kill an enemy, your damage is more spread out over a slightly longer time, but you still do the same damage and are likely to save on ammo.

I then made a further post:

"I made a squeaky post at the top of this thread, then went and tried the gun.

My conclusion:

Damage per orb remains unaffected. Damage per trigger pull is now 1/3.

The fire rate has been increased and recoil reduced. However, there needs to be a readjustment in how I use the weapon. With the 3 shot burst, it was useful to straff around corners and fire off a burst on the move, knowing that it had done it’s job. Now, not so effective when used like that. But more effective when used ‘straight up’ rather than as a shoot and forget gun.

Personally, I preferred it as a burst fire for precisely this reason.

But hey ho, GB is as GB does.


Could have had burst fire as an alt. firing mode."

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The three round burst was quite useful for Zane splatter gun sliding. I imagine it’ll be hard if not impossible to get three shots off during the slide if you have to manually do it. And even if you can, they won’t all release at the peak of your speed.

April 3rd, 2020
We just deployed a hotfix that should help with the crashing that some players were reported experiencing with the R4KK P4k class mod.


You don’t know if this addresses the crashes Amaras on PS4 have been experiencing? (I’m not sure what the culprit there is)

@Noelle_GBX have you seen any of the post I’ve made about multiplayer and it’s status since day one. Can you please forward my concerns to all of the devs and please not keep your consumer base in the dark. We have all shelled out money for this game licensing for our consoles and it seems unfinished still. A proper roadmap for big fixes would be grateful as well as dev transparency. Thank you.


Not disagreeing with the point about more communication. But I can also imagine the response from some quarters if GBX ever did post something like the two examples you gave. Unfortunately, not everyone on the internet behaves in a reasonable manner. Shocking, I know, but there it is.

Thank you for your post, hopefully you will get a direct answer where a lot of us have not.


The weird thing is that I have gotten 8+ moze, and 1 Fl4k, while as Fl4k.

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I don’t know about the “Broken Online Multiplayer” as I’m not playing BL3 on an Xbox One, but I do know it takes way too long to open the menu in multiplayer. But, I agree with Xalt that the “core” of the game is broken. At least that’s been my experience with the game on my 1st gen PS4 since day 1 of the release. Unreasonably long load times. Always waiting on the video to render before you can open the menu. Waiting on the items in the menu to load. This is, by far, not the quick and seamless gameplay we are so used to, as BL1 and BL2 gameplay was quick and streamlined. I’m not going to get into the “prequel-sequel”. That’s when everything started going downhill, as far as quick and seamless gameplay. BL3 is just clunky and unrefined and they seem to be adding more on top of it without addressing these “core” issues that are the foundation of quick and seamless gameplay. It’s like they sold all of us a broken and unfinished game and we’re all paying the price for it. Did they even test this game on 1st gen consoles (PS4, XboxOne) before they released it to the masses? My guess is no. And if they did, why didn’t they fix any issues before release? It’s like they are using us as guinea pigs to make the game as we go along. That’s not what we paid for. This game needs to be quick and seamless and streamlined just like its predecessors. I don’t know if the gameplay is better on a pc. I don’t have 1000s of dollars to go out and buy one like some people. But I did watch a video of a pc gamer using Zane and he can throw his Barrier and Sentinel at the same time. I sure can’t do that on my 1st gen PS4. I sure hope they are not favoring pc gamers over console gamers. That would upset a lot of people. Maybe they need to shut down for a few months and get things right.


I suspect the only way to get BL2 levels of performance would be to drastically cut back on graphics. Original XB1 and PS4 hardware is pretty out of date now. Actually, I was wondering (before the hardware specs became available) whether the game might only launch on the XB1X/Pro versions. I guess that would have cut off a lot of customers though. Trying to balance high end PC versus past-gen consoles (which original XB1 and PS4 effectively are now) from a single source does sound like a challenge. This might actually be the first time I buy a new system on launch rather than waiting a year (like I did when the XB1 came out).

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@VaultHunter101 My friends all have Xbox one S or X and even without me playing with them they still have the same issues I would have even if I were in the game. It’s not just the original systems.

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Probably could have had BL2 performance if they had stuck with Unreal Engine 3, but then we wouldn’t have all of the QOL changes we have now.

Originally there was supposed to be ZERO load times on PS4 and Xbox. That sure didn’t happen… Ya, they can cut way down on the graphics.

What are you referring to?

I would have been immensely surprised if that had been the case. No way I could see load times being shorter than BL2/TPS on the same hardware, especially after watching the GDC tech demo using the UE4 engine…

Ironically, I appear to be extremely lucky to not be experiencing many of these problems on my original XB1 (other than the load times and having to wait for things to finish initialising even after spawning into the map). I have no idea why that is, and I really hope I didn’t just jinx that.

This must be an Xbox issue… I’m not having the same issue on my 1st gen PS4.

Haha let’s hope not. The few that are have no problems kudos. It’s everyone else that hate having problems still that I’m stating these issues for