Borderlands 3 Hotfix [04/02/20]

You mean, you want to keep the bug, not fix it?

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Tremendous Rex, the boss in cistern of slaughter, is NOT dropping its dedicated loot

Please fix the health stacking!

Flat HP on class mods and relics needs to scale with %-based modifiers too! It’s literally just badly placed brackets in the health calculation (add first, THEN multiply, instead of multiplying only base health and throwing turds on flat HP)

0 capacity shields are pretty hard to use due to HP not scaling properly. Well they are pretty hard to use, period. Any mob that fires incendiary bullets can pretty much one shot you. But more HP when not using shield capacity is kind of essential here. It’s bad enough that you can’t use weapons with fire rate under ~10 because it takes like 7 seconds for leeched HP to travel back to you, which works VERY poorly with 1shot kill weapons (overheal is lost and the next second you die because a single bullet just took your entire health bar)

I thought losing it is the the bug, so having it is the bug?¿ oh, well just fix the problems. I got my hopes up thinking losing my quick cool downs wasn’t supposed to happen that’s why I brought it up… but having them is a bug, wow. Damn I thought the quick cool downs were apart of the build. Apparently I was wrong :man_facepalming:t5:

Well, that’s not intentional. We’re looking into it.


So having the quick cool downs is the bug?¿


I’m already mostly using something else. But my play style isn’t all about efficiency, it’s about having fun, and that was one of my biggest “fun” weapons. And before the nerf, even 9 levels below, it was very powerful enough.

The Lob is defnitively NOT nerfed. If anything this was a buff. I am putting out more damage with it than before. Please leave the Lob alone. Please and thanks!

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I have nothing to back this up with but it “feels” as if the distance of the Lob’s shots have increased but it is likely due to increased accuracy because of it only firing the one shot. I absolutely adore it and it seems better than before.

Sucks for you. I’m still facerolling the game with my Lobs at level 57 Mayhem 4. I cannot tell a difference. I actually like shooting one orb at time with increased fire rate.


They SHOULD focus on Iron Bear. It’s her action skill with a near 2 minute cooldown that deals literally no damage on Mayhem4 if you want to use let’s say… The flamethrower? Obviously you can just use the default rocket pods or explosive mini guns but you get the point.

They need to focus on Iron Bear and make all of his weapons equally viable.

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Fair enough , wasn’t really my intention it was more for showing how this company is more concerned with buffing/nerfing items more than it is actually fixing the game and the comic summed it up.


The thing is - and I know this has been explained many times already - that buffs are generally easy to roll out via hotfixes because they typically involve changing numbers in memory. Actual skill reworks and bug fixes require full updates which have to go through console certification, so (a) they take more time and (b) there’s an incentive to consolidate a certain number in a single update.

Mayhem 2.0 will almost certainly involve a major update, so my guess (based on past BL3 patches) is that there will be a bunch of other stuff in that update including bugfixes, QoL improvements, etc.

Your assertion about the company being “more concerned with buffing/nerfing items” is - based on the update (not hotfix) notes and frequent mentions by staff on the BL Show - unfounded.


@VaultHunter101 Well the company needs to put out a proper road map stating they are working on the other things in more detail. Quality of life issues such as online multiplayer has been lacking since launch. We have all paid for this game and half of it is broken. I haven’t seen many if any notices saying they are working on the broken online. The balancing of weapons and characters are nice but when the base game isn’t working properly those fixes are useless to me when I can’t utilize then because this isn’t a game I play by myself after the first playthrough. Like many others I’m on playthrough 7, 8, or 9 depending on how many times you’ve reset your playthrough. This is a game that is better with friends and when that function just totally sucks it puts out a negative experience. Like my previous post I mentioned Capcom and MHW. Capcom works on all of its IP’s to make sure that it flows evenly and when something is broken they acknowledge it. Where as Gearbox all I see is hotfixes for minor things. Where are the updates on the major broken parts of this game. If anyone can show me or explain that to me I’ll reconsider my position of the devs not acknowledging our concerns. But until then I won’t stay quiet. These problems need to be fixed as well as the minor hotfixes. Again they are great but when the core is broken and doesn’t flow properly they are useless to me.


I understand wanting to know what’s actively being worked on. But GBX hasn’t really done that much in the past and, when they did (eg Battleborn) the reaction from some corners of the community was not great. So I can understand why they might be reluctant to put too much information out there before things are really ready to go even if I personally would rather see more sharing.

As far as updates go, here’s the links to the notes for the last 3:

@VaultHunter101 Those aren’t proof of them working the big issue I’m stating ONLINE MULTIPLAYER IS BROKEN. The fixes they have done coinsides with single player. Or mission based. With constant lags, boxes being opened with no items or loot drops that state that are lvl 1 when I’m 55. Things like that aren’t and haven’t been discussed. And this has been going on since day one.


That’s not something I know about, but I imagine trying to diagnose and fix on-line issues are more complex and time-consuming, simply because error conditions are going to be harder to reproduce in a testing environment (where you don’t have the same random mixture of ISPs, routers, routes, etc). This may be one of the down-sides of going with peer-to-peer rather than server-based networking - trouble-shooting is going to be a lot harder.

@VaultHunter101 That’s why a road map for these issue would put us consumers as a better state of mind. Them keeping us in the dark because of a bad response to Battleborn isn’t fair to us. Most of us shelled out the $100 for the core game and the season pass. We licensed the game from them and they took our money. Now is the time to be transparent to the consumer base and say “hey we acknowledge that this isn’t working to the point that we want but we are working on it and here’s what we are going to do”. Something like that would help a lot of us understand or help us feel like they aren’t just focusing on minor hot fixes I know major fixes like this take time but keeping us in the dark because they didn’t like the response to previous IPs is a little selfish. I shouldn’t have to go back to BL2 or TPS to have an enjoyable multiplayer experience. Gearbox has fixed many things before but they are keeping us in the dark with no timeframe/roadmap. Honestly I would be a lot happier with more transparency. We are all adults here for the most part. Now is the time to be civil and discuss the major issues rather than hide in the dark and not say anything. That’s why I continue to voice my frustrations. Because they aren’t just my own, other people have said the same thing with no response. And that is not fair.


Moze herself is good and the Bear is just set up or an oh crap button for almost every Moze player I have played with. Shoot if you are running consecutive hits and on grenade thrown you can ignore it almost all together unless you want some target softening.

Iron bear needs to be enticing to run. Would be cool if you could get back into it and toggle between auto bear.

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