Borderlands 3 Hotfix [04/02/20]

I suspect the only way to get BL2 levels of performance would be to drastically cut back on graphics. Original XB1 and PS4 hardware is pretty out of date now. Actually, I was wondering (before the hardware specs became available) whether the game might only launch on the XB1X/Pro versions. I guess that would have cut off a lot of customers though. Trying to balance high end PC versus past-gen consoles (which original XB1 and PS4 effectively are now) from a single source does sound like a challenge. This might actually be the first time I buy a new system on launch rather than waiting a year (like I did when the XB1 came out).

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@VaultHunter101 My friends all have Xbox one S or X and even without me playing with them they still have the same issues I would have even if I were in the game. It’s not just the original systems.

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Probably could have had BL2 performance if they had stuck with Unreal Engine 3, but then we wouldn’t have all of the QOL changes we have now.

Originally there was supposed to be ZERO load times on PS4 and Xbox. That sure didn’t happen… Ya, they can cut way down on the graphics.

What are you referring to?

I would have been immensely surprised if that had been the case. No way I could see load times being shorter than BL2/TPS on the same hardware, especially after watching the GDC tech demo using the UE4 engine…

Ironically, I appear to be extremely lucky to not be experiencing many of these problems on my original XB1 (other than the load times and having to wait for things to finish initialising even after spawning into the map). I have no idea why that is, and I really hope I didn’t just jinx that.

This must be an Xbox issue… I’m not having the same issue on my 1st gen PS4.

Haha let’s hope not. The few that are have no problems kudos. It’s everyone else that hate having problems still that I’m stating these issues for


Actually the mod isn’t as bad as people keep insisting.

Techspert is a bad mod, as even on normal mode it cannot function as it should, and its skill boosts are confusing.

Rakk Commander is a bad mod, as while its effect works(despite being available as an annointment and an augment) its not special or unique, and, again, its skill boosts are useless and confusing.

T4mer, on the other hand, is a good mod, it just is focused on a part of the game that hasn’t been supported well. The skills it boosts are the 3 highest, nonconditional, pet damage buffs Fl4k has. And its effect procs often enough that you almost always have a dominated target(in areas that have good mob density, and you are running a pet build) from the mod in M2 or below. The issue isn’t the mod, its fine and works perfectly, the issue is how the pets/dominance work.

Think about it, would Seein dead be as good of a mod as it is if Zane’s kill skills were terrible? Would Moze’s Blast Master Com be as good if her ammo regen skills couldn’t keep up with any type of gun’s output? Would Rakk Pack still be good if Rakk Attack did little damage and the 100% damage after RA didn’t exist?

No, none of those mods would be considered good if the mechanics they focus on were terrible, and it is the same with T4mer. The fact that people’s complaints are “pets dont do enough damage” and “dominated enemies dont do enough damage” should be an indication that the systems the mod enhances are what is bad, not the com itself. To bring back Techspert, no amount of drone buffs would make the Com worth it, but fixing pets and dominance would make Tamer worth it, no changes to the com itself nessessary.

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Personally I would be fine if the graphics were cut down for better performance and stability. Also, had it not been for the success as well as the performance of the first two games when it came to co-op and online play most of us wouldn’t be complaining however that is what we were expecting when this came was released and it clearly was not the case.


It might be an Xbox issue. I honestly don’t know. I just want to be able to play the game as intended with friends. After the first two playthroughs solo both normal and tvhm it’s boring by yourself. The borderlands games are better with friends and when you can’t play them because of unknown reason and there’s no response from the devs saying they are working on it, it’s frustrating.

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I just hope they fix these core issues. Maybe cutting down on the graphics is the answer for older consoles.

Whatever the case… it seems like a “core” issue.

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I play on an XB1X and you simply can not join games online with anyone without the console crashing and powering off. Not only is it frustrating I am concerned what that is doing to the console over all.

Playing split screen is how I have enjoyed these games for years and when I attempted to play with my wife as we all know it is near impossible not to mention the game wiped all my fast travel locations. (Yes I put in a trouble ticket and was rewarded 5 keys for my troubles since they can not fix that issue as well)


When it comes down to cutting down on visuals we were already told to change depth of vision. That seemed to work for maybe a week then it went back to the laggy mess that it was. Maybe cutting down on the intense weapon visuals would be the key for that but there are way more visually intense games that don’t have the same issues that this game does that I don’t have a problem with.


Better gameplay, sliding, mantling, etc.

Holy over exaggerating, Batman!

You do realize that its damage(which is still +1050% over how it used to be! For comparison, M4 only buffs health by 850%) and mag size are the same, and its fire rate was increased, right?

It still does enough damage to be viable on M4 without damage buffs, but now to fire 3 shots it has to have the trigger pulled 3 times! Which is a buff against enemies that you can kill with only one or two orbs, as it is now more ammo efficent.


Those don’t seem like engine limitations.

No, you most assuredly are not.

You are actually testing things, he seems to think “nerf” = can no longer do any damage and immediately dumps things instead of thinking about what could be done to work around the drawbacks of a weapon.

Nah, the COM itself is bad. The multipliers for pet damage scale mostly with attack commands. Splash damage scales the attack commands of the 2 pets that do twice as much attack command damage as the others. Attack commands are where pet damage is. Making a COM that ignores them is pretty bad considering that normal melee pet attacks top at out doing a fifth of what boosted attack commands can.

If they wanted to a COM to buff pet damage that would’ve been great. If they wanted a COM focusing on Dominance then whatever I guess. But when half of our pet COMs flat out don’t work and the one they released has this weird Dominance interaction slipped in, and doesn’t even boost Sic Em’ which is one of the biggest damage boost for the pets, then yeah, its not just the systems.

I get the idea of making pet damage scale, but the way this COM accomplishes that just isn’t good. If Dominance had synergy with the pets already then fine, but as it is it’s just a bad skill tacked onto pets and called an upgrade.

Isn’t you build supposeed to address drawbacks? I dont understand this insistance that for a gun to be “good” it has to either have no drawbacks, or has to be so powerful you can outright ignore its drawbacks.

A balanced weapon is one where it has drawbacks that make it average, and then becomes OP once you tailor your build to address them.

Then again, I actually like theorizing about builds and dislike having the ability to oneshot everything in my path handed to me on a silver platter with a side of butter. I would much rather oneshot things because I actually came up with an idea to make it work.