Borderlands 3 Hotfix [04/09/20]

We’re still looking into a few different things for the Gunner.


Heres hoping Fl4k’s pets get some love 2 because I’d love for them to be more then just meat shields.

Heyooo, as always thanks for the hotfixes and your responsiveness! :grinning:

Would you have any information regarding recurring crashes on all platforms since the last permanent patch? :slightly_smiling_face:

mayhem 2.0 ???

I don’t play moze that much but one trick to getting into iron bear faster is to jump right before you trigger the action skill. You get used to it.

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We’re looking into FL4K’s pets as well.

@ForgedPatriarch @boombumr @CraX_Ez @Bremen1


Does this mean the proving ground bosses guaranteed to drop their loot event is over? Cause I’ve farmed all week for a decent phaserker and still haven’t gotten one lol.


OMG I do not even know what to say! Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU ! Maybe I was wrong when I thought the devs didn’t read forum posts. I can’t wait to try out the changes ! Again: THANK YOU!


Looking forward to it :grin:


Well my oh my, thank you! Can’t wait to see what will come next!

Could you say that the BOOOM has finelley cometh? :smirk:

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Man, this one of them moments…

Here comes the BOOOOM


Yay, red chest event is back. No more disappointing chests full of blues and greens.


They are!


Come on ! Balance is going at a freaking snail path ! There is tones of weapon and talent that are completely useless and that would require 2 minute of work to add a flat buff and at least become a bit better.

Also i hope gearbox is aware that there is a pretty nice bug at the arcade in Tannis lab.
U can get phantom points or lose points by switching random icons.
But yeah, the bug with St4kbot still isn’t fixed, and I am wondering if Takedowns loot drop got fixed already.

Btw what about the next Borderlands show is it now all 3 month or every month as it was supposed to be.

Can we please get a quick hot fix buff to IBs mounted turret gun skill? I think it’s call danka bear or something like that.

We’re aware of these issues and are looking into them!

Btw what about the next Borderlands show is it now all 3 month or every month as it was supposed to be.

We have not announced a date for the next Borderlands Show yet.

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Too right. When I play Zane with a Sitorak I still don’t find it fast enough… this games FPS is like wading in porridge…

When playing Moze I feel like an supercentenarian on Gabapentin.

Non fade Away builds for Fl4k are equally
slower than a herd of snails traveling through peanut butter.

Speed them all up please :grinning: