Borderlands 3 Hotfix [04/16/20]

Today we will release a hotfix for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. In this week’s hotfixes we have two new mini-events: Mr. Torgue’s Slaughter Onslaught and Making it Rain! To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”! If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

Rare Chest Riches and Loot Monster Mayhem mini-events end at 9:00 AM PST today.

The Co-Op Loot Drop event is continuing until April 30!

This week, we have two new mini-events: Mr. Torgue’s Slaughter Onslaught and Making It Rain ! Mr. Torgue’s Slaughter Onslaught will increase the number of dedicated loot drops from Slaughter bosses. The Making It Rain event will increase the in-game currency Cash drops for normal, Badass, and Anointed enemies, which will come in handy when you’re fighting the Cartels in this month’s upcoming patch. These events will go live with the hotfix today and will end on April 23 at 9:00 AM PT.

There are no balance adjustments this week. We wanted to take this time to let the dust settle after the balance adjustments that were made over the previous weeks and are continuing to monitor and collect feedback based on those changes.

  • Activate Mr. Torgue’s Slaughter Onslaught mini-event until 9:00 AM PT on April 23
  • Activate Making It Rain mini-event until 9:00 AM PT on April 23
  • Addressed a reported concern that Phasegrasp was not supported on Nekrotafeyo
  • Added gameplay tags for impending Mayhem 2.0 release

No FL4K balances this week?


So can we assume Mayhem 2.0 drops next week? @Noelle_GBX

Awsome, thanks!

Mayhem 2.0 and moze bug fixes next week? :upside_down_face:

Fl4k is dying so much and you guys nerfed him this is annoying take away flak nerf thats so unfar


looks like we won’t see anything till the patch for Fl4k changes which makes sense since alot of whats wrong with FL4k might not be enuff for a hotfix to handle.


I’ve just decided to stop playing Fl4k until they buff the pets. From the beginning he should have had a variety of kick ass pet builds, but to this day there’s not a single M4-viable one I’ve found.


Im running a gamma cryo flak, and just tearing through m4, ttd and anything else. Keep it up GB, we know u cant satisfy em all :v::100:


I’m kinda dissapointed. Let’s hope Cartels will land next week.


Can we lay off the dull ‘events’ and just fix drop rates? Chests and bosses and takedown etc. Should have decent drop rates all the time - meanwhile a dozen legendaries popping out of every CoV Baddass makes no sense and renders the rest pointless.


At this point I think they are slacking on fl4k bcuz he was the general favorite VH to play as so by nerfing him and not addressing most if not all of his issues it will force you to play as the other VHs. Especially after their buffs.

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I can’t say I’m feeling hopeful then. Bug fixes would be enough for M4 viability as we are now, but for Mayhem 2.0 the pets need some buffs. If Moze players get several weeks to test the IB changes and provide feedback, I don’t see why our changes should wait until patch day and not give us any time to provide feedback.

Then again, I’m getting ahead of myself. No one said there were going to be changes this week. I do hope we see something next Thursday so we can actually test and provide feedback before Mayhem 2.0. I’d really love it if FL4K had an endgame viable pet damage build for once.


Neither of these events gives me a reason to play the game. No one needs an event for making cash. It’s already easy to get.

Still no mention of a fix to Phasezerker on Xbox.


Speaking of feedback, I feel like this is at least a somewhat thought out idea I had.


Idk man seems like personal opiniom, i got all 4 vhs maxed and geared for m4, and out of the 4, flak seems to stand out the most, just gotta make some tweaks to skill trees and get a few drops, depending on build just like amy other vh. :smile:

Hey Noelle, there are community concerns that action skill damage will not have any way to scale in M2.0 and that they will become progressively more useless at higher M levels. is the development team working on this or considering this possible issue?


Was hoping fir fix to the bug that keeps the game crashing for console players while playing phasezerker+TTB :confused:


keep in mind that these people are not at work they’re all at home by order of the government and they’re still getting this stuff done two events each week for the whole month and from home I am surprised we’ve gotten any support this last month


Can someone list what Slaughters dedicated drops they have? All I know is Shaft/Titan drops Z-Eruption which I already have… for now

Not to sound ungrateful, but plenty of people are still doing their jobs. Digital Extremes is still updating Warframe too, and dropped Scarlet Spear a few weeks ago.

Welcome to the forums btw.