Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [04/22/2021]

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15% isn’t enough of the bar (should be 20 to 30 %). Weeklies should be a full bar plus. But good ideas regardless.

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Mine does seem slower. I’m unsure. Maybe I’ve become used to load times from other games.

I’ve been saying this for years. Since Borderlands 2 first year. Basically, legendary loot should be tied to maps/regions/areas rather than single enemies. And bosses of that region should have even stronger chances to drop the stuff of their area.

Check out Division 2 “targeted loot” system to see a game that did something pretty close to this. The difference is there, that those loot pools in division 2 keep rotating. So if you’re trying to farm for certain manufacturer items for a couple days, you’ll actually have to go to a couple different areas. That keeps the game much fresher than. “speed run enemies to boss A, kill boss, save quit repeat” Now your loop is “kill everything in area X, kill boss A, repeat, but 12 hours later or the next day you’ll be going after boss B in area Y because now that area drops what you’re looking for”.

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This sounds pretty cool - the only question I have is how these rotations are communicated to the player? Is there some sort of friendly NPC that shares this info, or am I supposed to go to Internet to learn where stuff is every couple of days?

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Some of us have been waiting for @GBX just to fix their game so it can run on consoles without crashing.


I am late to the party here, but these sound like very very good updates. One of my biggest problems with the end game is that with boss farming being a thing and now the decreased drop rates there is no reason to go play any of end game activities. Awarding large amounts of Eridium - which is now ultra important for rerolling - to the CoS and Trials along with class mods / artifacts being a focus of Proving Grounds (something that was very much a neglected game mode) is a great way to push players into actually having a legit reason to play these game modes.

I still think the re-roll cost is significantly too high for the average player given how many anointments there are, but this is a good first step towards giving players a reliable way to farm the resources (Eridium).


You press a button/key while viewing the map and it shows what type of item is in each area.

On top of that you can manually select item type or set item type when in the summit (skyscraper with 100 levels) which makes farming easier, although finding god tier stats still doesnt come easy lol.


It would be ideal to make stats on coms and artifacts rerollable. Make shield and grenade re rollable with only character specific anointments that dont repeat. The exception being u-rad, weapon and splash damage, consec hits, elements, or of course the 300/90. Also with that never repeating and only coming after you choose the start point which would be character specific or universal.

What if I have all my eridium on Amara and want to roll FL4K anointment?


You choose the starting point. Character specific or universal. Also which character.

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It’s easy to see on the map by hitting the button as @kitehighland said. Summit is great to as he said.

What I’ll add is that the game also informs you as you pick up loot. It shows the phrase “targeted loot” on loot that is the current zones target.

It’s fantastic.


A level up your gear machine would still be nice. Or the ability to extract attributes/stats from gear and slap them onto other gear.

The arms race mode is billed as “every piece of gear matters”. I love that. Now, if only that could be applied to the main game. Division 2 and Diablo 3 do a great of making all gear relevant. One way or another. I want more of that in Borderlands 3.