Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [04/30/20]

Yes, the floating weapon mode.

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What I’d like to see addressed is “under-mayhemed” stuff dropping, for example M0-level guns dropping on M5. Also the vending machines, chests, grenades, etc.

If this is intentional, it seems somewhat inconsistent with the recently released fix where if you’re at the level cap (currently 57), then only level 57 gear drops.


@Noelle_GBX Any word on Corrosive being ineffective on enemies? Seems to still work on vehicles just fine but against any other yellow bar it’s been next to useless. Playing on Xbox if that matters.


The Soulrender was fixed in the last patch, mine are all back to normal damage.

people have reported that guns can drop with the tag that tells them what mayhem mode level it was acquired

is this just a glitch on internal data or was it intended but not working properly?

This will effect all Mayhem levels! Legendary item drops now scale more closely to the Mayhem level you’re playing. At Mayhem 10, there is now a 100% chance to drop Anointed items.


Finally. I’ve farmed for hours for Kaoson and Monarch. It took a while to get them and the ones I got are unannointed in M10 lol


At Mayhem 10, there is now a 100% chance to drop Anointed items

So every item is ALWAYS annointed?!?!??!?!


I’m on PC and I’ve noticed the same thing. Guns that wrecked armor pre 2.0 do almost no damage at all.

I hate that most (if not all) of my favorite weapons have become completely outclassed by one gun - the O.P.Q. (This is not a call for any kind of nerf, I’m firmly in the “bring other weapons up to the same standard as the new ones” camp)


I mean it doesn’t do any damage onM10 with a M10 drop unless I haven’t tested it again I’ll have to pull one out and see. But that time I checked it because a bank gun because it didn’t scale well. Will check back after some tests

Was the issue with some weapons and Grenades not scaling properly to M10 addressed or being addressed?

Grateful for the stability fixes. Im disappointed that action skills are so bad atm :frowning:


Still nothing to indicate what M level the gear dropped is?.


I haven’t tried M10 but my M8 was solid.

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No mention on fixing bugs like the one with Tyron Smallums though

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What bug?

Yeah I promise you a M10 one used at M10 make me want to cry, but again I will testers before I continue to whine about it lol I was just soooo

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MY STAR HELIX FARM :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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That sounds like a modded weapon

Sometimes Tyrone goes immortal in the Joey boss fight, and you can’t finish it. (Fast traveling back to the start of the map and then running back to the fight resets it.)

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