Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [05/14/20]

Today we will release a hotfix for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. In this week’s hotfixes, Loot the Universe starts on Nekrotafeyo, and we address some community concerns. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”! If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

The Loot the Universe mini-event is taking place on Nekrotafeyo this week when these hotfixes are live. Loot Nekrotafeyo until May 21 at 9:00 AM PT!

  • Activate the Loot the Universe event on Nekrotafeyo until 9:00 AM PT on May 21!
  • Addressed a reported concern where Mayhem would occasionally not award cash, Eridium, or XP after death
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Legendary weapons Storm and Firestorm were sometimes not spawning their elemental orbs when fired
  • Removed the inaccurate “Anointed Gunner” text from weapons with the non-character-specific elemental critical hit Anointment
  • Added the Mongol to Thunk and Sloth’s item pool and increased its damage
  • Changed the dedicated loot pools for Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite’s boss and mini-boss, Wotan and the Valkyrie Squad
  • Increased the chance for more than one Legendary to drop from the dedicated loot pools of the boss and mini-boss in Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite

We’ve thinned out Wotan’s dedicated loot pool with today’s hotfix. As a result, the Valkyrie Squad now drops the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Shields exclusively from their dedicated loot pool, while Wotan drops the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Weapons from its dedicated loot pool exclusively. This does not affect world drops from these enemies. Paired with the change to allow more than a single Legendary to possibly drop at one time, players should have an easier and more consistent farming experience in this content.


First :wink:

These all look like good changes. With the bigger announcements yesterday, I think we’re going in the right direction. Thanks! :+1:


THANK THE GOD-QUEEN! Been waiting for this one. Now we just need Headcount fixed with Rakk attack and I’ll be able to play my build again lol.


The Mongol, especially, is a nice touch. It was previously unobtainable in the game, only found within the files, so effectively they’ve given us a brand new weapon. Now we just need the RYNAH…


Keep it rolling gbox :+1::+1:


How about after exiting Iron Bear? Is this fixed too?


Big thanks for the Takedown update.
Time to run some newer players through with a better chance at loot .

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Awesome to hear. Keep it coming

I really like the Takedown change! Having multiple drops segmented between bosses will make farming specifics less time-consuming and more rewarding while keeping the grind. Nice :smiley:

The Trial bosses should have a chance to drop multiple dedicated drops too! And an increased chance to make them worth doing.



When does the team think the next full patch will drop?
Is that expected next week or next month?


Nice update and welcome adjustments thank you Noelle.


Nice to see the Mongol be introduced to being obtainable! If anyone finds one mind lmk if it’s good?


Cool. :slight_smile: Honestly, running the Takedown is my #1 activity in the game (perfect combo of dense mobs and a couple fun boss fights) so I always love seeing improvements there.

Also, I appreciate making clear to everyone the difference between world and dedicated pool drops. :wink:

I agree! Also I think they should have a larger lootsplosion in general, for a better chance of picking up some additional loot and gear (I’m always in a passive farm mode for better relics.) The chest at the end is nice of course, but defeating a major boss should reward you with a nice shower. :wink:


For a future option, would it be possible to set the world drop loot quality %? Depending on your current mayhem level, you could set your loot quality up to a certain percentage.

With the direction headed to better dedicated drops, a slider for this would be great. Drops can get tedious to sort through, and I really like my slaughtershafts clutter free! It wouldn’t affect others either and is an indirect performance boost :smiley:

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Another great step in the right direction.

Any news of addressing the issue of ammo and weapons occasionally not spawning in boxes? Also are we going to see a flak buff this month? No rush just curious.

It should also include after exiting Iron Bear!
If you still have the issue when the hotfix is live, make sure they’re applied and submit a ticket to!


To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”

However, the sign was already there from the previous hotfix. Maybe a date scrawled on the sign would be useful.

Additionally, the sign goes away after a couple minutes on the main menu so if I leave my computer long enough and return I’ll never see it until I restart the game.

It may be old fashioned but a version number in the corner or on a page in settings wouldn’t be unwelcome at this point.

Edit: I’ve learned in another thread that the hotfix is downloaded every time you log in. The hotfix applied sign confirms every time you play the game that the hotfix is once again in place. The sign disappearing is unfortunate but for now during the cartel event, the fact that the cartel eridium powder and night time scene are still in place could indicate the fix is in place.

It seems the news feed is timed similarly but not linked directly to the hotfix. Meaning in the hours around patch time today some people might not know which planet to farm on their own game, perhaps especially if they started playing before the patch and haven’t restarted. A very minor inconvenience but also one with a simple fix if the hotfix applied sign came with a directly linked date.


There is actually a date shown, just not on the sign. Check the rotating news updates in the bottom-LEFT (d’oh!) corner. One of the first 2 or 3 will tell you the date of the currently applied hotfix.


It says what the current hotfix is but not if it has finished downloading and installing on my PC. Or do you suggest that the hotfix is in direct control of what is on the news feed?