Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [05/14/20]

Finally here too. Weird that it didn’t load the old hotfix until the new one was released…

They messed something up because it always goes straight from the old hotfix to the new one. My guess is that there was an issue with it and they had to re-deploy the hotfix.

Epic is reporting very high traffic that is causing the problem. Last time this happened was when they had a big game drop, but don’t know what is causing it now.

EDIT: Epic apparently dropped an offer to pick up GTA V for free this morning and it is spiking their servers.

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We’re investigating these currently as we take a look at anointments as a whole.


@Noelle_GBX I feel like everyone is greatly appreciative of more communication from the teams working on this game and the fans. A huge thank you is in order for that!

There have been reports of weapons not dropping with the new annointments when the Cartel event is turned off. Will these annointments continue to drop once the event is over? Or are they in fact tied to the event?

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We had a temporary issue with SHiFT services (what delivers the hotfixes), which is why you were seeing issues with it applying initially. This should be resolved now. If you still have issues, try restarting Borderlands 3. If a restart doesn’t help, please submit a ticket to


It’s similar to the Bloody Harvest event. Cartels weapons and anointments specific to the event are gone with the event ending on June 4th at 9am PT.

That had been the general consensus, but thanks for the clarity! Gonna miss some of those :disappointed_relieved:

what exactly are “cartel anointments”?
i am sure about the cyber spike
but what else? i think its a bad idea to cut the variety of (good) anointments when their mechanics arent bound to the event like blood harvest


I would like clarification on this as well but I fear that it is all of the recently introduced ones.

that would be insane
the 150% rad anointment is the new must have for 1 hp moze
if its gone, i will stop playing :<


The 300/90 is one, I’m pretty sure.

Ah ha, yeah that explains it!

yea, sounds fitting
but i really dont understand why they keep this horrible timed exclusive policy
in a looting game!!!


Yeah I mean that would include at least 5 top tier annointments. If they are going away, the dedicated loot improvements had better roll out before the event is over because I need them on 8+ hard to get dedicated drops.

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Especially one that isn’t mmo style. (making “player engagement” much less important)

I am inclined to agree. By giving more great annoints there are much better odds for RnGeezus to pull something nice outta his hat.

I would love to see them made permanent. But, who knows where Mayhem 2.0 annointment balancing will take us. Airborne annoints might be the future meta for all we know.

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rofl xD

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For real tho, look at the Lob lmao talk about zero to hero

yea but i will not start hopping around to deal top tier damage
thats like constant sprinting with moze to be invincible
i dont want to be overpowered
i want to have fun