Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [06/10/2021]

Just tested, it’s close to as good as bl2 level now. Just doesn’t come in double penetrating, if it did it would be basically as powerful.

They did a good job with the 7th sense… It’s great without the need for an anointment (it would be insanely OP if they added that on top of the 200% buff)

This is something i kept saying from the get-go… Anoinments are to powerful…
And seeing they only buffed legendaries after M2.0 that made numbers spiral out of control (and so the need for further buffing was needed because half the legendaries weren’t doing the job/got outclassed by others)

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That butcher buff is just chef kiss. Did a whole Maliwan Takedown with it only and finished Wotan off with 80% of the magazine remaining.

Gun went from bottom tier to great tier, feels like a minigun on shotgun form, good stuff Gearbox.


Best true trial so far. Backburners and Tizzys falling like raindrops :slight_smile:

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it comes as dpversion but it does not add whole others set of pallets horizontally but adds pallet in the same row


wow Amara phaseflare can cheese this one :as the Tyrant of Instinct is bulky and slow the ball hits it multiple time very easily which completely deplete the life bar in no time



Again, I ask, Are there any updates on whether the existing weapon buffs (ie breathe of dying, hellwalker, kaos, etc.) that are, and have been for too long, hotfixed, becoming a permanent update for offline play? I only ask, over and over, as I would like to be able to play this game deep inside my customized silo bunker when the, you know, inevitable happens. Thanks Again SuperFan!


True trial of Survival boss actually dropping both weapons!

Maurice’s Black Market machine not time consuming to get to!

Dailies still showing completed even if never done.

Two out of three this week. Not bad.


Any word on the Lucians/Queens/Kings Call not getting buffs?
Also, the Butcher loses it´s damage buff on save/reload. The ammo gimmick is fine tho.


I supposed the buff for the King’s / Queen’s call was done to the secondary projectiles spawned on crit (?)

So they don’t bother to fix things like ShootingStar where projectiles spawned under maps?

Oh nice - love that shield: gonna outfit my entire crew.

Lucians buff looks was applied as of this morning. Looks like around +100%

Edit: +135% per Lazy Data


King’s/Queen’s Call also got a 100% buff on top of critical hit damage buff. Mine are around 32k now.

Tested them on True Maliwan and True Guardian Takedown on bosses with a Fl4k Guerilla setup and they did great. Rowan’s Call, Kings/Queens Call, its good to see more Fl4k signature guns shine again


I think you can get anointed legendary gear before mayhem. If you can’t now you at least could at some point. I have level 28 and 30 anointed fearmongers that I got before finishing the story (got them from the first event in 2019 when I was on my first playthrough) . I think it’s rare but not impossible. I don’t remember if I’ve ever come across others., but I do have those.

Crazy Earl machine in sanctuary allows you to do so, but it only contains mission items from white to purple

I saw a Red Suit shield in there yesterday, so legendaries as well.

Yeah yeah typo from me, meant mission items ( I think just base game) in whether rarity and normal items from white to purple. The thing is, you can get a lv 10 kings/queen call with an anoint, ase Madcap… Pretty crazy for early game!

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Haha, gearbox won’t fix that . Download a mod for it.