Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [06/16/2020]

Hey everyone!

Today we will release a hotfix for Borderlands 3 that will be live by 2PM PT. This update significantly reduces enemy mob health in Takedown at the Guardian Breach.


Thanks Noelle, don’t let negativity from the forum affect your and the devs’ enthusiasm!


Thank you. I’ll be sure to hop right into it!


Exactly on point. Well said. Don’t let any negativity ruin anyone’s day not just gearbox and how awesome they are at Borderlands games in general.


Hello, I’ve been having constant issues with the game technically wise. I would like to know where I can submit a proper report about it.

Please send reports to:


What about bosses?

Boss health has not been adjusted.


Only the mobs health were adjusted. Boss health will be adjusted later on.

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Thank you for not actually waiting until thursday to fix this! There’s still alot of other things about this Takedown that have to be fixed and I hope this is gonna happen soon in future patches.
Here’s a small list that I already posted in the last weeks patch topic:

-There are just too many enemies, especially at the crystal parts. This makes charging the crystals extremely difficult and tedious especially when playing alone. Reduce the amount of enemies when playing alone and/or on normal Takedown mode.
-Either remove the insta-death mechanic at the crystal parts or imply something that clearly indicates what’s going on. Having to figure things out is not a bad thing but getting punished for not doing so in time or at the first try and respawning all the way back doesn’t belong in this game. This might just frutrate players that are new to this Takedown.
-Give the bosses or atleast the final boss a guaranteed chance to drop atleast one of the Takedown exclusive items. Borderlands is still a Looter-Shooter and for an estimated 30-45 minute Takedown it feels extremely unrewarding to not drop a single of these items.
-Add more respawns! Getting knocked off an edge or failing at the platforming and spawning all the way back at the start/after the first boss is frustrating.
-Maybe add a special reward (chest) for players who manage to finish the Takedown within a certain timelimit and/or without dying.
-Buff the Takedown exclusive gear. Most of it is just underpowered especially on M10.
-Halve the immunity phases of the bosses, atleast the first one. I know you can kinda skip the final bosses immunity phases by shooting the Diadem enemies when they’re close to Scourge while it’s charging the energy ball but the first boss also has 13 immunity phases which just artificially lengthens the fight.

All in all I really like the new approach that this Takedown brings with it and it’s visuals are really stunning. It’s not just a reskinned Maliwan Takedown and includes new mechanics which I hope future Takedowns will have too!
Also, as said in a previous post from Tramonto: don’t let negativity from the forum affect your and the devs’ enthusiasm! We all know that this game has it’s flaws and issues but I hope that we can fix all of this together step by step in the future to make this game as great as it deserves to be!


Thanks Noelle. Any chances for reducing immunity phases then? 12 (or is it 9, don’t remember) per boss is definitely to much.


Awesome. Thanks @Noelle_GBX! I was playing the Maliwan Takedown tonight and had a blast. Look forward to finally being able to join in with the Guardian Takedown fun ASAP.

A very good list. One thing I would add is I would love to see the Mayhem 6 exclusives be available through the raid just as the Mayhem 4 ones are available through the Maliwan Takedown. @Noelle_GBX

I think having separate matchmaking options for individual raids would be super useful as well.

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Thank you guys for continued support for this game!!


Well, great! It only took Gearbox 5 days to fix something that needed, once again, the entire player base to test it and point it out for them. A few more of these mishaps and we should all be on their payroll as QA, as this position appears vacant for a few months now.


I’m wondering how this got past Mitsu and all the other people who said they’d played it :man_shrugging:


Great, Thanks
But I’ll wait for the free respawns or bridges at the jump platforms, like in BL2 TTAoDK. :wink:


You can jump the gaps…


Patch notes live yet? Nearly an hour behind…

It’s just the one hotfix we released that changes the health balance of enemy mobs in the Takedown at the Guardian Breech today.