Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [07/02/2020]

Today we will release a hotfix for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. This week’s hotfixes re-add the two previously disabled Mayhem modifiers and address some reported concerns.

Everyone has had a great time seeing the community’s reactions to Bounty of Blood and all the changes that came to Mayhem Mode with this last patch. The team has been enjoying and laughing along at all the quirky and different builds that everyone has been playing and sharing with others. We are happy with the amount of diversity in overall gameplay that came out of the changes that were made and hope that it has encouraged you to revisit some other skills, builds, and gear that you hadn’t previously. Due to it still being early in the life span of the changes, we are continuing to watch feedback and what is coming out of the community before reacting to any builds that might appear more overpowered or threaten to limit what players feel like they can play.

To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”! If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

  • Reenabled the Mayhem Modifiers Boundary Issues and Drone Ranger
  • Prevented the camera from resetting after closing Photo Mode in a vehicle in the campaign add-on Bounty of Blood
  • Addressed an issue with Amara the Siren’s Glamour sometimes not respecting the enemy’s allegiance in the campaign add-on Bounty of Blood
  • Addressed a concern that the Gunner Class Mod Megaton Mind Sweeper was sometimes spamming errors in the game log
  • Addressed various grammatical concerns throughout Borderlands 3

This hotfix it also updates descriptions on some skill cards for Moze, the Gunner, to make them accurate to what was happening during gameplay.

  • Updated the Gunner’s Molten Roar’s skill card to include text for its 100% damage boost to the Salamander Thrower and remove the listed fuel penalty
  • The plus sign for the damage on Gunner’s Hammerdown Protocol has been removed
  • Updated the Gunner’s Target Softening skill description to list the 50% magazine penalty for Vanquisher
  • Updated the Gunner’s Active Tracking skill description to list the magazine size
  • Updated the Gunner’s Shockhammer skill description to list the reduction to Bear Fist base damage

Skill description updates are always appreciated. Thank you for that.


Yay, finally!

Thank you for the notes, and the fixes for Moze’s skills description


Hey Noelle neat update Fl4k’s pets still need buffs or overhaul they are really pathetic. Idk how yall gonna fix’em but, they really need something more substantial.


Been having fun playing with whatever gun I find as opposed to using the same handful of guns. Makes the game much more enjoyable.


I believe Noelle may have passed Ratore’s thread on Reddit along to the devs already. We’ll see what comes of it.


Drone Ranger was in Hard or Medium modifiers?

Medium I belive. I got it on M4 before.

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@Noelle_GBX Is there any word on a fix for Head Count being broken entirely with Rakk Attack?


Noelle, any eta about missing language voiceovers? I’ dont have particular problems with worte english but i have with spoken one and sopping by to read on the screen breaks immersion so i’m waiting a bit before playing the dlc.
Thanks in advance for any reply!

This makes my heart happy. Thank you GBX <3


@Noelle_GBX I’ve been having an issue with Rocketeer and when off host on Ps4, Auto Bear doesn’t stay out for longer than 15 seconds when using the mod. But is fine when hosting. Is this intended for balance purposes or is this a bug? Thanks

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I read - “you get another week with IB and the clone being OP” so yay I guess.


We don’t have an eta yet, but will make sure to let the community know. :slight_smile:

@Noelle_GBX apologies for double post, but could we get a second hotfix note with the hidden changes listed? Come on, there’s always some.


Is it intentional for mission rewards to not always be anointed on mayhem 10? @Noelle_GBX

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We’re looking into it!


I get to enjoy my precious Iron Bear for at least one more week.

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@Noelle_GBX Could you guys please make the modifiers optional? I know it’s an old topic, but it would be a huge improvement.


We’re looking into this. In the meantime, have you reported this issue on Filing a ticket there helps us measure frequency of the issue and get more information!