Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [07/02/2020]

@Noelle_GBX Is there any word on a fix for Head Count being broken entirely with Rakk Attack?


Noelle, any eta about missing language voiceovers? I’ dont have particular problems with worte english but i have with spoken one and sopping by to read on the screen breaks immersion so i’m waiting a bit before playing the dlc.
Thanks in advance for any reply!

This makes my heart happy. Thank you GBX <3


@Noelle_GBX I’ve been having an issue with Rocketeer and when off host on Ps4, Auto Bear doesn’t stay out for longer than 15 seconds when using the mod. But is fine when hosting. Is this intended for balance purposes or is this a bug? Thanks

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I read - “you get another week with IB and the clone being OP” so yay I guess.


We don’t have an eta yet, but will make sure to let the community know. :slight_smile:

@Noelle_GBX apologies for double post, but could we get a second hotfix note with the hidden changes listed? Come on, there’s always some.


Is it intentional for mission rewards to not always be anointed on mayhem 10? @Noelle_GBX

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We’re looking into it!


I get to enjoy my precious Iron Bear for at least one more week.

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@Noelle_GBX Could you guys please make the modifiers optional? I know it’s an old topic, but it would be a huge improvement.


We’re looking into this. In the meantime, have you reported this issue on Filing a ticket there helps us measure frequency of the issue and get more information!


This is nice but let’s be careful on what gets blamed for what. You see many videos on Iron Bear one-shotting things but in reality it’s Mind Sweepers micro grenade chaines which actually do most of the damage and apparently there is currently an issue with Action Skill scaling applying twice on micro grenades proced by Iron Bear so the main issue here doesn’t seem to be the action skill but how Mind Sweepers micro grenades scale with it.


While there is still some fine tuning to do, the last patch was a welcomed breath of fresh air. Do you have, like the last time, some road map of the following change?

We still need some more gun balancing (like a lot) and a few character tweak to complement what got buffed, but is still not viable (Fl4k pets…)


Please please please please dont nerf iron bear, im actually using iron bear now! And im sure im not the only one!

I’ll submit one when I get home. Is there an option to include links from places like twitter to show video evidence? Thanks

@Noelle_GBX, any status on Bounty of Blood progression blockers? 2k support has gone silent.


Drop rates around the galaxy are still less than normal on bosses and named enemies, mainly at DLC 2. It’s almost impossible to get something out of Wendigo or Eista or even Eleanor and the Heart.


How my pet actually hits for 2 mill kills things and gets me second winds on mayham 10

Thanks for the response, a lot of players are anxious to try some Rakk builds but this is really holding that Action Skill back.