Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [07/02/2020]

This is nice but let’s be careful on what gets blamed for what. You see many videos on Iron Bear one-shotting things but in reality it’s Mind Sweepers micro grenade chaines which actually do most of the damage and apparently there is currently an issue with Action Skill scaling applying twice on micro grenades proced by Iron Bear so the main issue here doesn’t seem to be the action skill but how Mind Sweepers micro grenades scale with it.


While there is still some fine tuning to do, the last patch was a welcomed breath of fresh air. Do you have, like the last time, some road map of the following change?

We still need some more gun balancing (like a lot) and a few character tweak to complement what got buffed, but is still not viable (Fl4k pets…)


Please please please please dont nerf iron bear, im actually using iron bear now! And im sure im not the only one!

I’ll submit one when I get home. Is there an option to include links from places like twitter to show video evidence? Thanks

@Noelle_GBX, any status on Bounty of Blood progression blockers? 2k support has gone silent.


Drop rates around the galaxy are still less than normal on bosses and named enemies, mainly at DLC 2. It’s almost impossible to get something out of Wendigo or Eista or even Eleanor and the Heart.


How my pet actually hits for 2 mill kills things and gets me second winds on mayham 10

Thanks for the response, a lot of players are anxious to try some Rakk builds but this is really holding that Action Skill back.

Copy that.

I have resigned to the point where the poor beast is now unticked entirely from skill tree …

If I recall from the last roadmap, dedicated drops are going to be spread out and increased at some point soon. Possibly next patch.

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Good to see that Iron Bear didn’t get nerfed. Hope it stays that way.

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Thanks for holding off on the nerf hammer. I’m having a lot of fun right now with the variety of builds.

One thing I would like Gearbox to consider is to enhance Amara’s Phaseslam action skill to count as melee (and/or slam) damage so it will synergise with artifacts, coms and skills that centre on melee damage. This would make the phaseslam have the potential to be damaging enough on mayhem 10, which it currently isn’t.


Are you looking into the HUD resize option “bug”? I could adjust the HUD size to my liking but now it’s huge and cannot be changed. :frowning:

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this for IB claws too please!!! itd open up even more diversity


I’m hoping that the next big patch tweaks farming significantly:

  1. Reduce the overall amount of anointments. Some can just be plain deleted while others can buffed.
  2. Spread out the loot pool so more enemies drop specific loot and less enemies drop more than one thing.
  3. Increase specific drop rates as you go up Mayhem levels.
  4. Adjust how drops happen so enemies have more than one chance to drop their designated drops.

If they did that it would be a massive improvement to the game. I farmed an hour for a new Unleash the Dragon relic and not only did I not get good rolls but I didn’t a single one. Anointments and rolls on class mods/relics changes farming significantly. At least on M10 we should be able to get the right gear with the right anointment/rolls relatively often.


That would be great. The cooldown needs a serious look at as well.

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Spreading out the dedicated drops in itself would be a huge improvement. There are too many named enemies with no drops. However there’s even more named enemies that don’t respawn at all after story missions. Having them respawn and giving them a dedicated drop would be big as well.

Some drops are better than others, but I agree they could all use a bit of a bump up. Maybe if the mayhem loot increase had an effect on dedicated drops that would help, or even fix things.

Ultimately, one boss having over 6 items in its dedicated pool is one of the biggest problems with dedicated farming.


On that though, I just had an idea for a fun farming event. Have every named enemy in the game respawn for a limited time to see how that goes.

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I can finally select my least hated modifier again :smiley:
I still hope this system gets removed soon :x

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Nice. Hope everyone has a good weekend and a safe 4th if you’re in the states. I would like to say a welcome change would be to see the descriptions on gear and skills that say ( some ) or ( for a short time ) have some real numbers / percentages. Maybe a hub prompt that lets me know when certain things like buffs proc. But mostly the hard numbers thing. I’ve been very pleased with the state of the game is in and glad that you all are working to making it better.

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