Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [07/09/2020]


Any idea when class mods for each VH will be looked into balancing?
Cold warrior does whopping 300dmg per tick on M10.

Kinda limiting builds when people only use 1-2 mods per char,…

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That’s understandable.

In relation to the shield damage news, may I request the team to pay closer attention to the following:

  • Rectifier - This shield should be doing a lot more damage than it has ever done. Even before mayhem levels, this shield was particularly weak which is a shame because it’s an interesting shield.
  • Nova Shields: Most Nova shields AoE is pretty small, especially the Black Hole, is it possible to evaluate the Nova ranges? The Black Hole is supposed to unleash a singularity but seeing as how the range is so small, I don’t see the rationale in its ability. Also can the Nova damage be listed on the item card? It’s weird to not see the damage written on the item card when all other Nova shields have 'em.



Didn’t they fix the exact issue? Because some enemy were dealing damage with M10 weapon?

Edit: Oops sorry, they are gonna addressed the issue on next patch, totally missed that part. Yah, in that case I want that fixed too.

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I bet you play with OP god Amara or shield/barrier god zane or crit god fl4k?

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I’m not sure what point you are making? All VHs can tackle M10. All of them.


Let’s not derail this into a completely separate discussion, folks.

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I may very well be wrong on this, but AOE/Splash radius passives on coms/artifacts seem to effect this. My Frozen Heart seems to have a larger radius when using a splash radius boost on my com.


Thanks for addressing the enemy damage bug, playing rakk fl4k was ffyl city lolol

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I’m thinking another side effect might be that friendly NPCs that fight alongside you (Lorelei, Atlas troops, etc) that hold generated guns might also be dealing out mayhem level damage, assuming their weapons are generated in the same way other gear is… which in this case would be OK since they’re on your side after all. :smiley:

Yeah, weapon scaling was their second worst idea right after mayhem modifiers, but they are never going to admit it.


It is only affecting enemies holding weapons. We’re looking into player survival and assessing what adjustments we would like to make. We are still seeing more players enjoying higher levels of Mayhem even with this.


Not so much for rakk attack fl4k. rakk attack fl4k doesnt have the agro relief of fadeaway and gamma burst, and fl4k isnt a lifesteal character so its very easy to fall into FFYL. i hope it isnt a permanent change. :frowning:

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No, this is an example of a bug that they’re evaluating to see what needs doing about it. Scaling chest and vendor gear was obviously not intended to scale the gear on the enemies.

It’s fine that you don’t like the system. But presenting bugs in the system as “this should never have been made” is a poor equivalence.


It’s a big drag that head count still isn’t working with rakk attack, is there any chance it will get fixed? Other than that love the work you guys are putting into these patches!


This is one thing that I’m really looking forward to.


At this point, do you think that the concept of scaling itself is starting to feel arbitrary and capricious? The cycle of raising enemy health and buffing gear over and over again? It makes sense when leveling up, because then we’re unlocking more of our character, but this is literally just numbers we keep fidgeting with.

The game already has a universally-loved way of giving us tougher things to shoot: the word ‘Badass’. Would it make more sense to do away with scaling entirely and simply have higher mayhem levels replace higher and higher percentages of regular enemies with Badass enemies? And/or spawn more enemies?

Example: In M10, enemies have 100x the amount of health and Iron Bear does 30x the amount of damage. The same health/damage ratio would be achieved if we hadn’t scaled damage and enemies simply had 3-4x the amount of health, which is about what a Badass is, right? Except now we don’t need to worry about rebalancing shields and grenandes and everything because that stuff was already where it needed to be to deal with Badasses.


They said I was crazy, enemy damage doesn’t increase with mayhem?!?. Yes it does! (Unintentionally). Lol


Please don’t only look at what popular youtubers do with meta build and with only best weapons and gears. With this high enemy damage, build variety is severely restricted, and only people with crazy amount of time on their hand to farm and get perfect gear are enjoying the current difficulty. Vocal minorities are in the end minorities. I hope GB will look into it from a broad perspective.


it shows the inconsistence that comes from a game where half of the values are scaled up while the rest stays down which will always lead to inbalance
hp, shields, shield recharge and hp regen < life steal
damage to enemies < damage to yourself
weight of skills < weight of items (see diablo 3)
numbers inflating and increasing weapon inbalance
split community due to non existend collective max level
the list goes on



Just some feedback from a Moze main with all the balancing the team has been doing lately.
As it stands, I am comfortably challenged at M10. I die a fair bit while still feeling like a bad-ass more often than not.

So tell the team thanks and lots of love! :heart:


My own favorite Shield was the recharger Berner… getting its damage to scale with mayhem would be awesome with a lot of the annointments and special effects of other Shields I don’t see boosting its damage being a huge problem… Embers Blaze and red suit and front loader have their own functions that are desirable that having a high damage Nova should not cause for a rush to replace with the other.

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