Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [08/13/2020]

Today in Borderlands 3, we kick off the Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration Loot Monster Mayhem mini-event and address some reported player concerns! These changes and the accompanying event will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”! If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

With these hotfixes, the Bonus Boss Loot event ends, and the Loot Monster Mayhem event begins! During this event, players will see Loot Enemies more often. This event will be live until August 20 at 9:00 AM PST, where it will switch to the Show Me the Eridium mini-event with next week’s hotfixes!

  • Turns on the Summer 2020 Anniversary Event: Loot Monster Mayhem, live until August 20 at 9:00 AM PST
  • Discounted the listed Item of the Day in the Veteran Rewards Machine

A second discount on item of the day in the rewards machine? Guess that’s nice.


Yay, more world drops now.
This past mini event was really great, the best so far. I hope it will be added to the game in near future, cause we really need improvement in drops.


I’ve bashed you guys for a few months now due to the poor state of the game at the time. However, I’ll be the first to admit that it is in a pretty good spot atm. Eliminating the poor annointments has increased the quality of loot and has made it alot easier to get top level gear. The game is fun again. Altho it took WAY too long, it is appreciated. Hope it continues.


Man, was really hoping we’d see a permanent adjustment to the dedicated drop chances, and some more weapon buffs/scaling, or fixes for the Jacob’s save/quit glitch. Rather disappointing, honestly…


The dedicated drop rates from the last event need to stay. I’m not farming on the old drop rates honestly it’s just not worth the effort. I’ll hang the control pad up till DLC 4. Farming is really painful on console.


We still need some CPU optimization, especially for 4-core CPU’s. I hope next patch fixes this. I wanna play again without worrying about crashes/freezes.
I do like what they’re doing with the game, but this needs serious looking into.


I’ve been wondering about that. I’m not upset they did it, but I just wonder if there’s more they need to do with that when you look at artifacts. Like, there are some sliding ones and slam ones I really wonder if anyone is using at all.


No new weapon buffs? I’m a little disappointed.

Not gonna lie, and I’m probably not the only one here, I’m gonna miss the 100% on dedicated loot… please, consider adding it to the game permanently, even if its a M10 exclusive thing (should be imo so The Hunt event isn’t ruined)


Tell that to the xbox players lmao


Simple update this week. Sounds good. Makes me wonder what’s in store for the actual anniversary day…

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Well, too bad. Some DLC2 named enemies were actually dropping stuff. I’ve also seen a King’s/Queen’s Call for the first time in months.


Not enough to bring me back - weapon buffs need to kick off again.


I like the direction this game is going and appreciate the work being put into it.
I’ll probably take a break for a bit, as returning to old drop rates after a loot event is always very discouraging, and I have other games that need finishing.

I look forward to seeing what’s new and what’s good, but I really hope that the current good gear doesn’t get nerfed into the ground again.


@kazbiel26. Can you explain the Jacobs thing to me? I’ve noticed stats changing bit don’t quite get it.

Tell that to the PS4 Pro players too :sweat_smile:. 11 months of 4k resolution mode at about 15fps, totally unplayable. Good for screenshots through, if the idea was that.


I’m with everybody else :point_up: 100% dedicated loot drops should stay…there’s no way I could farm again after that…

If GBX feels that getting the best gear would be too easy, they could always base them on Mayhem level:

Mayhem 10 - 100%
Mayhem 9 - 90%
Mayhem 8 - 80%
etc…something like that


I was hoping to see a nerf on the XB1X console crashes or maybe a buff to the split screen co-op experience, guess thats still being looked into…almost a year after the games release.